Public Prosecution - Kuwait

An Origami flower, designed by the architects Wassim Shahhal, Mohammad Kamal and Georges Moghayzel (Alghanim and Debbas company in Kuwait), made of Barrisol Lumière 3D, illuminates the council chamber of the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Kuwait.

This impressive and original 3D lighting design covers the entire ceiling of the court chambers, creating a soft, luminous effect that creates a calm and soothing atmosphere in a place where often complex cases are dealt with.Barrisol contributes to well-being by offering creative, sustainable solutions dedicated to the design of a comfortable environment without compromising on safety, health and eco-responsibility, since they are 100% recyclable, fire-retardant and A+ classified (VOC).

Architect : Wassim Shahhal, Mohammad Kamal and Georges Moghayzel

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