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Every day, the company leads a number of actions to respect the environment. Actually, Barrisol set up  internal environmental steps.


Energy benefit

The offices of Normalu are equipped with the Thermalu radiant floor heating system to provide its employees a more comfortable working environment. Thermalu, a product of Normalu was selected over other suppliers because its products contain over 50% recycled content.

Normalu's offices are also equipped with photovoltaic and motion sensors that ensure that the lights come on only when needed during daylight hours and turn off automatically at night if no movement is detected in the office. 

Reduction of air pollution in the environment

The company provides car pool vehicles to its employees to help reduce traffic congestion and reduce the emissions of CO2.

Packaging recycling

The company places the concept of recycling in the middle of its action. All the buildings of the company have specific dustbins for recycling: papers, paperboards, plastics, etc.

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