Guarantee granted by NORMALU S.A.S, manufacturer, to users of BARRISOL stretched ceiling.

Guarantee on the manufacture of the weldings, harpoons and sheets. 
By its structure and its interchangeableness (the ceilings can be taken down and remounted again, without damaging the supports), the BARRISOL ceiling is subjected to the biennial “guaranteed” insurance.

However, BARRISOL NORMALU S.A.S grants a 10-year guarantee on the welded seams as well as on harpoon profile welds.

The color and the aspect of the ceiling are guaranteed two years under normal conditions of use.

Damaged ceilings with defects related to this guarantee will be replaced as soon as they have been returned to the factory in order to determine the origin of the damage.

Nevertheless BARRISOL NORMALU S.A.S grants this guarantee only if the material used for the installation of the ceiling or any other item incorporated into the ceiling, are all manufactured and supplied by BARRISOL NORMALU S.A.S 

Example : BARRISOL ceiling sheet, Ceiling rails, Ceiling separators, Ceiling curved rails, Spotlight mounts, Reinforcing rings, as well as other accessories

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