Barrisol Cloud Clim® - Details

Aesthetic, silent and homogeneous air-conditioning Biosourcée®


Powered by terminal or air handling unit, hybrid heating/cooling thermal diffusion.
All comfort techniques concentrated in a unique design object.



Practical and flexible


  • • Provides 100% of heating, cooling and ventilation needs
  • Works with terminal unit or air handling unit
  • Acoustic and/or luminous membrane
  • Modular assembly to create island compositions 


Efficient and ecological


  • Homogeneous temperature and no draught thanks to its patented adaptive air flow
  • Energy-saving heat radiation
  • Biosourcée® membrane and aluminium structure, 100% recyclable.



Hybrid radiation/convection thermal diffusion combines power and efficiency

Cloud Clim® utilizes the hybrid thermal diffusion principle of the Barrisol Clim® ceiling air conditioning system in a compact modular version.

The combination of convection and radiation makes it possible to achieve high heating/cooling capacities whilst ensuring a perfectly homogeneous temperature.

The thermal radiation of the Biosourcée® membrane saves energy consumption.


No draught thanks to the patented adaptive air flow principle

Schema Cloud Clim

Unlike conventional diffusers, which always blow the treated air at the same speed and angle, the Cloud Clim® island automatically adapts the diffusion flow according to the supplied air temperature.

The cold air, which is denser than the ambient air, is blown horizontally at low speed.

The warm air, which is lighter than the ambient air, is blown towards the floor at medium speed so as to avoid stratification phenomena.

For both air conditioning and heating, the Biosourcée® membrane on the visible side of the island generates gentle and pleasant radiation.


Modular, flexible and efficient air-conditioning light

Customised format on request

Image 1 Cloud Clim Image 2 Cloud Clim
Taille Clim Cloud


Unlimited freedom of assembly

Example of a linear arrangement of Maxi Cloud Clim® - 3 Modules 

Image CouldClim 3 Modules

Example of an adjoined arrangement Mini Cloud Clim® - 8 Modules

Image CloudClim 8 Modules

Example of a Cloud Clim® acoustic light format

Image CloudClim Lumineux acoustisque


Cloud Clim® : Personalise your islands with only the limit of your imagination

Cloud Clim Blanc/Noir
Cloud Clim® white Artic, black frame
Cloud Clim Béton
Cloud Clim® printed concrete, brushed aluminium frame
Cloud Clim Blanc/Blanc
Cloud Clim® white Atlas backlit, white frame
Cloud Clim Personnalisable
Cloud Clim® personalised printing, brushed aluminium frame

Frame Colours

Couleurs des cadres

Plain membrane

Couleurs Toiles

Effets Matière® membranes, a few examples

Effets Matières

Masterpieces from Museums, Museum of Printing on Fabrics or Artists

Image Musées


Cloud Clim® : Supply and return air in a single module

No more air conditioning or ventilation grilles needed in your space since Cloud Clim® ensures the diffusion of treated air as well as the intake of indoor air and its filtration in only 20 cm thick.


Cloud Clim® Flex : Supply and return air in a single module 

Cloud Clim flex top view

Cloud Clim®Flex® - Top view

  1. Circular spigot for connection of the supply of treated air 
    Diameter 355 mm for Maxi Cloud Clim island
    Diameter 250 mm for Cloud Clim island
    Diameter 200 mm for Mini Cloud Clim island

  2. Circular spigot for connection of indoor air intake
    Diameter 355 mm for Maxi Cloud Clim island
    Diameter 250 mm for Cloud Clim island
    Diameter 200 mm for Mini Cloud Clim island

  3. Filter drawer - Filter 600 x 600 mm


Cloud Clim® All in one : extra-flat integrated terminal unit, hot water / chilled water connections

Cloud Clim All in one

Cloud Clim® All in One® - Top view

  1. Water inlet connection - Diameter ½ inches F

  2. Water outlet connection - Diameter ½ inches F

  3. Filter drawer - Filter 600 x 600 mm

  4. Condensa outlet connection - Diameter 16 mm



Light and durable materials

Our Cloud Clim® products are composed of a structure made of over 80% post-recycled and 100% recyclable aluminium, making the raw material reuse cycle even more environmentally friendly.

Integrating the latest generation of Barrisol Biosourcée® membrane, also 100% recyclable and whose plasticizer is of vegetable origin comprising up to 30% of the total composition.

Composed of light materials, 100% recyclable and recycled for some, the Cloud Clim® islands minimize the Carbon impact of your buildings, they benefit from a fire classification B-s1, d0 and an air emission A+.


Cloud Clim® unparalleled efficiency for the acoustic treatment of your premises

Image Nanoperf

PV available upon request


  • Simple membrane
Image toile perforee 1


  • Double membrane
Image toile perforee 2
Courbe Acoustique 1 Courbe Acoustique 2


Intelligent lighting integration

Entirely backlit, equipped with Barrisol Light Lines® or incorporating the lighting of your choice, Cloud Clim® ensures the lighting of your premises.

Image Cloud Clim Spots

Cloud Clim® with spotlight integration.

Image Mini Cloud Clim Lumineux

Mini Cloud Clim® luminous

Image Cloud Clim Light Lines

Cloud Clim® in line with Light Lines® integration


To install your stretch ceiling : we help in the search for a stretch ceiling approved Barrisol installer nearest you. Barrisol approved installers have received specialized training at Barrisol, pledge of excellence and quality of work.

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