Piadno® - By André Manoukian



 When Jean-Marc Scherrer proposed this experiment, to design a lamp in relation to music, I thought of a keyboard taking the shape of the living, which rises in the light wound on the double helix of the DNA: the PIADNO.  I thank Jean-Marc for his inspiration and trust.  André Manoukian

 Barrisol is the world leader in stretch ceilings. Today I am very proud to present our collaboration with André Manoukian, a famous author-composer. In addition to his fame with the general public thanks to his numerous appearances on the  small screen, he is an outstanding composer and works in collaboration with many artists of the music world. André Manoukian has taken to the game of design by creating the PIADNO luminaire in collaboration with the Barrisol teams and our products  with unique properties that give free rein to the imagination. Barrisol, with its more than 50 years of experience, is at the service of the creativity of designers and artists like André Manoukian.  Jean-Marc Scherrer, président Barrisol-Normalu SAS


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