Barrisol Acoustic Light® - Details


Until this day, market supply was divided in two: on one side the acoustic ceilings and on the other side the lighting ceilings. Acoustic light is a revolution, it combines both aspects: acoustics and light.

Acoustic Light by Barrisol® is an innovation which is unique in the world and which is the fittest solution to answer both architects’ and acousticians’ expectations. 

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Added value for professionals

  • Acoustic light by BARRISOL® corrects the acoustic of a room while giving the right luminosity to the space, 
  • Acoustic light by BARRISOL® is remarkable by its limited weight and its quick implementation, 
  • Acoustic light by BARRISOL® has a great aesthetic and design, 
  • The quality and transmission of the light are perfectly homogenous, 
  • The access and maintenance are of the easiest, 
  • ​Acoustic light by BARRISOL® is in conformity to the fire norms. 


Acoustic Light BY BARRISOL is the result of several years of R&D, this system managed to start from a lighting material to a lighting acoustics material while keeping its aesthetics and providing a very efficient reduction noise coefficient: α w from 0,55 to 0,7. Acoustic light By BARRISOL comes at the right time to complete the range of lighting ceilings proposed by BARRISOL for many years. 



    NANOPERF® with insulation

Taux d'absorption acoustique

    NANOPERF® without insulation



 αs Frequency (Hz) Sound absorption
according to
ASTM C423-01
Noise Reduction
Coefficient according
to ASTM C 423-01

Weighted sound absorption
Coefficient according to
DIN EN 11654

Sound Absorber
class according to
DIN EN 11654
 125   250   500   1000   2000   4000 
NANOPERF® Plenum 130
without insulation
 SAA = 0,58 
 NRC = 0,55 
 αw = 0,55 (H) 
NANOPERF® Plenum 130
with insulation
SAA = 0,72
NRC = 0,70
αw = 0,70


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