Barrisol Star - Details


The system of stretch ceiling Barrisol Star profits from all the advantages of Barrisol Traditional, but it offers an extra high performance: the ceilings Barrisol Star does not let appear the tracks.


Only after the installation a finishing of a decorative hollow joint of 5 mm appears. The ceiling Barrisol Star benefits from a great purity of lines, without apparent tracks. It carries out all the designs, including the most imaginative.

Tracks Barrisol Star

The Barrisol Star track is made of aluminium. It is attached on the wall and is invisible after the ceiling is installed.

2 types of tracks can be used, to install the ceiling at different heights.

Lisse Barrisol Star à fixer au mur
A fixer au mur
Lisse Barrisol Star à fixer au plafond
A fixer au plafond

Technical scheme

Using a spatula, the harpoon, fixed on the perimeter of the ceiling Barrisol Star, is guided in direction of the track fixed on the periphery of the room.

Step I

The invisible track is fixed on the periphery of the walls.


Step II

The harpoon is inserted into the track



Step III

The ceiling is stretched - the finishing is in decorative hollow joint of 5 mm or with joint cover.


Custom built

Barrisol Star ceilings are customized and adpated to the exact dimensions of places. Tracks and ceilings are perfectly adapted with precision on all perimeters.

Plafond tendu Barrisol Star     Plafond tendu Barrisol Star     Plafond tendu Barrisol Star


To install your stretch ceiling : we help in the search for a stretch ceiling approved Barrisol installer nearest you. Barrisol approved installers have received specialized training at Barrisol, pledge of excellence and quality of work.

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