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Hansi, an iconic artist

Better known as Hansi, Jean-Jacques Waltz was a prolific and eclectic artist from Alsace. Born in Colmar in 1873, he lived through troubled times when France was torn apart, and never ceased to paint. Some of his works make a statement, while others are more serene; they have now been brought together in the Hansi museum in Colmar. The collection boasts paintings, watercolours, etchings, lithographs, books and posters.



In addition to his watercolours and delicate paintings, the works of Hansi have also been used for advertising. The logo of the Alsace potash mines and posters of a number of wineries and exhibition companies bear the mark of this highly recognisable artist. Thanks to an exclusive partnership with Barrisol®, you can now create a décor with the idyllic images of Alsace. Artolis® and Barrisol® membranes are printed in millions of colours in the workshops of Barrisol® and will liven up your interior with peerless colour rendering and print quality.

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Thanks to our tireless search for excellence, the high definition prints of Barrisol® and Artolis® decors have an A+ guarantee in respect of volatile pollutants and provide comfort and safety in dwellings and in public places alike. The products are free from phthalates, arsenic, cadmium and mercury. They comply with applicable European and international standards and have class 1 rating in the USA, B-s1, d0 in Europe, and M1 in France. We are committed to your wellbeing.


Acoustic materials with the charm of Alsace

This vast collection of interior decors can also be incorporated in their acoustic versions. When combined with the exclusive Barrisol Acoustics® micro perforations systems that won the Décibel d’Or in 2014, these decors significantly improve the acoustic comfort of all public and private spaces.

History & fine design

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