Because good communication is essential, BARRISOL's communication department develops and regularly updates a whole range of complementary communication tools to support you in your prospecting and promotional activities.

These communication tools, which are essential to a relevant sales approach, fall into several categories.


More than 70 catalogues and leaflets at your disposal for the presentation of Barrisol® products.

Download here all Barrisol® documentation

Barrisol Vision Box® luminous boxes

The luminous box 2 levels essential to visualize the effect of the light in simple and double sheet (remote control included with variator).

Advice for use: permanent display at your point of sale, on deposit with your prescriber partners and point of sale, integrated on your exhibition stands.

Barrisol® presentation cases

Barrisol fastening systems can be used to create traditional ceilings or any other shape (slopes, vaults, curves, waves, 3D, organic, etc.). 100% recyclable.

Barrisol® SYSTEMS case
MIRROR® Barrisol® case
Arcolis® Barrisol® Case
Barrisol® Clim® case
ELT 3D® case

Barrimarmotte® case

In the Barrimarmotte case, you'll find a 40 x 40 cm portable frame with a selection of 6 Barrisol® fabrics: Biowood® Ultra mat and Capella, Chronos® printed, Mirror® Silver and Gold, Les Reflets Laqués® Blanc Lys.

Barrimarmotte case
Barrimarmotte case
Barrimarmotte case
Barrimarmotte case
Barrimarmotte case
Barrimarmotte case

Barrisol "Technics & Systems" website version 6.0

More illustrated, more optimized... discover the update of the site "Technics & Systems 6.0" which will enable you to find all the systems of fixing of the Barrisol solutions for the realization of traditional ceilings or of all other forms (slopes, vaults, curves, waves, 3D, organic, etc).

Barrisol 360° website

Discover the Barrisol 360° website, with its search engine, which offers you a virtual visit of more than 3500 projects in more than 50 countries around the world.

The search engine is only available to Barrisol distributors with a current contract.

Business development tools

The tools

BarrisolPLAN software


Please contact us for standard mailings, depending on target and volume.

Technical design office

Production of prototypes, mock-ups, assistance with quotations, technical assistance with installation.

Exhibition stands

Provision of exhibition structures, creation of stands.

To install your stretch ceiling : we help in the search for a stretch ceiling approved Barrisol installer nearest you. Barrisol approved installers have received specialized training at Barrisol, pledge of excellence and quality of work.

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