From 1980 to 1989

From 1980 to 1988: Always more innovation…

Opening on the Oriental Nations with the signing of a contract of utilization of the Barrisol licence with the Japanese companies Mitsui and Fukuvi. For commercial reasons, the Barrisol stretch ceiling works under the Refojoule brand in Japan.

Creation of the Barrisol visible track with ventilation holes and notch fixation
Creation of the first PVC bended track 
Commercialization of the matte tracks with beige, black and brown colors.
Creation of the adjustable Barrisol spot support
Commercialization of the first colored sheets with a lacquered finish
First sheet with metallic finish.

Creation of the new Barrisol harpoon: reinforced and printed with the name of the inventor.
First ceiling with cable system  ( if you don't understand : see page 47 technical documentation)
Creation of Barrisol sloping ceiling systems
Creation of the first suspended light structure with translucent sheet and integrated tracks
First Barrisol light block  (see page 54 technical brochure) 
First heater to install the Barrisol stretch ceiling.

French industrial aesthetics label - France (1983)
Avant-garde product award - France (1984)
Oscar of the National Trade union of the Interior designers - France (1985)

1988 : a small revolution…

Patent registrations of Barrisol Star and Barrimur Star, new systems for attachment of Barrisol with invisible tracks for ceilings and walls. 
Creation of a new support for Barrisol spot with three dimensional adjustments: M0 aluminum attachment clamp and reinforcement for M1 PVC Barrisol ceiling

Creation of 3D supports for Barrisol spot.


First BarriDalles
First stretch ceiling in circle (or ring)  with rounded (or curved) PVC track, less than 3 meters.
Commercialization of the Barrisol tool to install the invisible track


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