From 1990 to 1999

1990 : new technical advancements…

Creation of the Barrispot system (spot combined with the support)
Creation of notched tracks
Creation of Barrisol Star separators for Barrisol harpoon
Creation of Barrisol Star track for the first 3D forms  
Creation of Barrisol pipe incorporation system
First ceiling which combines heating ceiling and stretch ceiling authorized by the CSTB in public spaces.

The exceptional, innovation prize, is awarded to Barrisol in Geneva. Suisse (1990)


From 1991 to 1993: Barrisol exports itself

The Barrisol stretch ceiling and Barrisol Star are used in the Eastern countries.
The Barrisol stretch ceiling and Barrisol Star are used in Asia (except Japan) - 1992
The Barrisol stretch ceiling and Barrisol Star are used in South America and Australia - 1993

Creation of the first Barrisol star bended track 
First modular frame with integrated track
Creation of Barrisol satin's sheet in 25 colors. First ceiling with satin finish
First ceiling with Barrisol Lumière

Oscar of honor of the SNAI for the technology and the implementation of Barrisol Star (1991)
Bronze Award of the Innovation in Batimat for the Barrisol Star (1991)
First prize for product and technology – Arch'93 Prague- Czech Republic (1993)


1995 : Creation of new products

First PVC sheet stretch with lacing:  Barrisol Trempo ceiling
Banner for Supermarket : Barrisol Signs

Gold Award of the Product in China
Gold Award of the Product to the fair CONECO' 95 of Bratislava, Czech Republic


From 1996 to 1999: Lighting, painting and printing….

First printed sheet
First 3D light ceiling
First painting sheet

Gold award- DECOR EXPO' 96 of Goungzhou, China (1996)
Innovation prize - Interbuild of Melbourne, Australia (1996)
Mention of honor - ESPACIO' S in Santiago, Chile (1997)
Performance and Quality award - Canada (1997)
USA: Construction Excellence Award - by Ceilings & Interior Systems Construction Association (1998)

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