The Mint Bullion Room - Australia

The Mind Bullion Room is one of many beautiful spaces within Sydney's historic Landmark building. The room features a Barrisol® stretch ceiling Blanc Lys, which delivers a bright, crisp white color that fills the space with natural daylight and adds depth to any design scheme.

As well as looking great, all Barrisol® products are classified A+ (VOC) and comply with the strictest European and international standards concerning fire safety - making them excellent for use in interior designs that require high standards of quality and safety. Our Barrisol® products contribute to the respect of the environment. They contain up to 60% of recycled materials and are 100% recyclable. Acoustic performance of Barrisol® perforations up to αw = 1.

Architect : Crone Architects

To install your stretch ceiling : we help in the search for a stretch ceiling approved Barrisol installer nearest you. Barrisol approved installers have received specialized training at Barrisol, pledge of excellence and quality of work.

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