CICG - Switzerland

Barrisol installs a total of 5400m2 of Barrisol® solutions at the International Conference Center in Geneva (CICG).

We thank GM ARCHITECTES ASSOCIES and the FIPOI for their confidence to participate in the renovation of the CICG. Our professional installers have installed 4000 m2 of Arcolis® frames (sound standards aw up to 1.0). Observe 3 ranges of Arcolis® ceilings, their differences being their sound absorption coefficients. Moreover, Barrisol® installed 1200 m2 of Barrisol Lumière Acoustique® panels and to satisfy the speakers in term of interior comfort, Barrisol® also installed 200 m2 of Radiant Cloud Clim®, acoustic ceilings with active panels allowing to air-condition the space.


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