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Barrisol® is Mariko Mori’s partner for her “Rebirth” exhibition in London.

Beginning on 13 December 2012, the Royal Academy of Arts in London welcomes the first major exhibition of Mariko Mori’s since 1998. Called "Rebirth", this exhibition is a compilation of the most famous Japanese artist projects over the last eleven years also celebrates universal themes of life such as death and rebirth.
As part of a unique partnership, Barrisol® has provided the artist Blanc Wight® sheets to carry out her work called "White Hole". The Barrisol® sheet is the ideal material for this daring project which is brilliantly designed sculptural project inspired by the patterns of light emitted by a rebirth star... We can visit her in the British capital until 17th February 2013!

See the “White Hole” project presented by Mariko Mori
See the official website

"Au secours, ma maison s'écroule" (Help, my house is falling down!)

French TV channel - M6 - began airing its new primetime show called: "Au secours, ma maison s'écroule" (Help, my house is falling down!) on 11th December 2012.It’s a new series in which housing expert offers help and advice to families struggling with homes that need urgent repair. Filmed in the Nord Pas de Calais, Barrisol® took the opportunity to show the benefits of its Xtrem Blanc Mat® sheet, used in the renovation f the veranda anda Satin Blanc Wight® finished Print Your Mind® (printed sheet "clouds") for the decoration of the children's playroom.

Have a look at the results!

Coming on iPhone and iPad: Barrisol® color simulator!

Barrisol® offers a new exclusive ‘ app’ for iPhone and iPad: The application, a simulator of colors and textures allows you to preview your Barrisol® stretched ceiling project on a picture of your choice. This totally new app is a colour vision tool which simulates colours and finishes to create the perfect ambience.

Application available for authorized Barrisol® distributors.
To fight against piracy, the functions of this application are only accessible by identification*.

The ceiling that will reflect well on you

The new Barrisol® Mirror range is available in two finishes « Gold » and « Silver ».These new sheets are specifically designed to be fixed on selfstanding frames. They can be made in many shapes : circles, triangle, squares, rectangles… Fire rated and A+ labelled, these sheets give an exceptional look to newly decorated spaces.

See the Barrisol Mirrors® ceilings

The Mulhouse Museum of Printed Textiles presents Prada, in partnership with Barrisol®.

The museum of printed textiles presents its new exhibition « un festin d’etoffes » , in partnership with Prada and Barrisol.
The TOUR starts in the lobby showing us the expanse of the famous maison Prada. The walls are recovered in a Barrisol Artolis textile, and the chairs in « Barrisol by Vallon », made of translucent lighting Barrisol sheet, lights the room ; so you can admire the « haute couture » collection.
On the 1st floor, the patterns of textiles « Tissus gourmands de la fin du 18ème siècle à nos jours » are shown on Barrisol printed sheets.

See the official website of the Museum of Printed Textiles

London Fashion Week 2012 : Barrisol® partner of designers Teatum&Jones

During the London Fashion Week in last september, Barrisol® equipped the podium dedicated to the parade of young mode creators Teatum & Jones with the foil "Laqué Blanc".

An astonishing partnership which highlighted the brand and the product of Barrisol, at the Dorchester Hotel of London, amongst the prestigious people from the fashion industry and the london press.

See the official website - Teatum Jones

Suite Home Awards contest

At the Equip hotel exhibition, PAMA organise the 1st French concourse of Interior Architecture dedicated to luxury hotels.
Three laureate has been awarded. Pierre-Yves Fondecave win the 3rd Barrisol®-Hager price for his project « Ryokan ».
The 2nd and 3rd places choose to use Barrisol Lumiere and Barrisol Print Your Mind for their projects.

See the official website

Barrisol® at the Equip’Hotel exhibition

Barrisol® is exhibiting its products on the stand of PAMA (Home design and decoration in Alsace) at the exhbit of Equip’Hôtel, Paris, from 11th -15th November 2012.Home Suite Home® is the label created by PAMA, to represent innovation in the Alsace Region. Naturally, a stand is dedicated to the profession. Skills and crafts from the region will be presented on the Home Suite Home® stand, notably in partnership with Barrisol ...

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Interieur 2012 with Ross Lovegrove

strasbulles 2012

Barrisol® took part in the launch of a new luminaire designed by Ross Lovegrove for Louis Poulsen, showing the exciting layer effect concept !
The 23e international design biennale « Interieur 2012 » took place at Kortrijk, in Belgium, from the 20 to 28th. Two sheets had been created by Barrisol to be presented at the same time the designer Ross Lovegrave and his product (Lamp « Neumann »). A surprising 3D effect, made possible by the innovation Barrisol® Layers Concepts®.

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Nuit Blanche 2012 – In Paris

Barrisols Research and developement department has been intrumental in developing a giant projector: « Projecto Box ». The « La Nuit Blanche 2012 » organized by the city of Paris aims to promote innovative projects by animating museums opened to public on the evening of 6th Oct 2012
Martial Marquet, a young architect-designer, presented his creation in front of the Museum of Fine arts of Paris. The creation is read on the screen made of Barrisol aluminium structure and sheets.
A very successful project to professional and public.

See the official website

Barrisol® supports the 2012 Day of Architecture

Barrisol tournoi de tennis Grand Prix Barrisol 2012From september 28 to october 26, Barrisol supported the 2012 Day of Architecture.
This annual event, organised by the « Maison Européenne de l’Architecture – Rhin supérieur de Strasbourg », lasts 4 weeks. The subject is the « Architecture sans frontière » - Architecture without borders. More than 170 stands welcome more than 50 000 people from Alsace (France), Bade-Wurtember (Germany), and Basel (Switzerland).

See the official website

New leaflet Barrisol® Dental Clinic

This leaflet present all the advantages of Barrisol® Lumière® and Lumière Color® solutions ; the light and the colour creates a inviting atmpsphere, where with Barrisol® Acoustics®, the absorbing technology creates an optimized level for speaking comfort ; Barrisol® Print Your Mind® is perfect for creating totally customized ambiance...

Download the brochure

New Effets Matières® "Fleurs blanches" & "Impulsions"

The range of « Effets Matière® », which is already available in 10 finishes has increased its range to include, 2 new exclusive references, moderns and elegant : « Fleurs Blanches » and « Impulsions ».

BEM 11 Fleurs blanches

BEM 12 Impulsions

Width 135 cm non stretched, 145 cm stretched.
CE certified
BS3-d0 fire rated
A+ labellized

Discover the « Effets Matière® » stretch ceilings

New leaflet Acoustics® & Design

couv-acoustics-design.jpg Discover the new « Acoustic & Design » leaflet : a complete presentation of the Barrisol Acoustics stretch ceiling range, and their advantages, with the new NANOPERF A15 perforation.

Download the documentation (PDF - 1 Mb)

Showroom Hyundai - Brazil

In Brazil, a splendid project, carried out by the architect Priscila Sperandio, clarifies celebrates it Hyundai concession.

hyundai bresil hyundai bresil hyundai bresil hyundai bresil

The architect called upon our partner Barrisol Iluminar in São Paulo to decorate the car dealership. Translucent BARRISOL® stretch ceiling, "blanc Venus® White" was selected for the realization of this project out of luminous modular frames.

New colours and finishes

BARRISOL® Acoustics® solution... for speech intelligibility.

The new A15 perforated BARRISOL® Acoustic® ceilings reaches a new quality of acoustic comfort.
Every BARRISOL® Acoustic® solution uses an exclusive system of micro-perforation: Miniperf®, Microacoustic®, Acoperf® et Nanoperf®.
These stretch ceilings offers spectacular sound attenuating results in any type of place, like hotels, restaurants, or shopping malls.
Added technology, quality and design, BARRISOL® Acoustics® can fit any interiors.


A15 Nanoperf®
Number of holes : 500 000 / m²
Diameter of a hole : ≈ 0,1 mm
Perforation rate : ≈ 1 %
Thickness : ≈ 0,18 mm

New finish Effet Matière "Fleurs"

Do you know the ceilings BARRISOL® "Les Effets Matières® ?
It is a range of BARRISOL® sheets with special effects. They can create a customized interior design, on the ceiling or on the wall. This prestigious collection is composed of 6 patterns, and one new finish “Fleurs”. To be discovered.


BEM 10 - Fleurs
200 cm non-stretched width, 214 stretched width,
CE certified,
BS3-d0 fire-rated,
labelled A+

See all of our colours and finishes for your stretch ceiling

New documentation : Bienvenue & Barricouleur


Barricouleur Collection 2012

In the new 2012 Barricouleur:
the new lacquered finishes, the new satin references, our new « Effet Matière Cuir Havane », our new reference mat, Blanc Douceur, the new suede finish, Blanc Eden.

Download the Barricouleur (3 Mb)


Bienvenue Brochure (Welcome)

The Bienvenue brochure presents in detail all Barrisol products. Discover a new edition updated with new photos and last projects.

Download the Bienvenue brochure (16 Mb)

See all of our brochures

New colours and finishes

Effets Lumière©
BEL 06 Solaris : Discover the new glossy white translucent Barrisol sheet: it keeps the glossy effect even when it’s back lighted.
200 cm width, CE certified, BS2-d0 fire-rated, labelized A+


Effets Lumière©
BEL 07 Nuages : Barrisol presents a new exclusive sheet with 3D effect: lacquered blue sky with clouds, which can be back lighted.
135 cm width, CE certified, BS3-d0 fire-rated, labelized A+

See all of our colours and finishes for your stretch ceiling

New projects

Discover 3 new exceptional projects :

Bugatti showroom, Germany

More than a showroom, the Volkswagen forum is a real exhibition space of more than 10 000 m² in the centre of Berlin. A huge back lit ceiling displays the very famous Bugatti Veyron. See this project
Volkswagen pavilion, Germany

Created by the architects of «Plex Group », this creation is designed as a multimedia structure. It is 16 m high, 35 m long! See this project
Cesbron headquarter, France

Cesbron headquarter, in Angers, is the result of a global reflexion and demand for the construction of a positive energy building. It is the showcase of the know-how of the company, specialized in air conditioning systems and photovoltaic solar panels installation. See this project

New colours

Rêves Satinés©
07097 Noir Blake : B S2-d0 classified, CE certified. Width 162 cm stretched

Reflets Laqués©
02088 Violet Gilia : B S2-d0 classified, CE certified. Width 162 cm stretched


Effets Matières©
BEM036 Cuir Havane : B S3-d0 classified, CE certified. Width 140 cm stretched (135 cm non stretched)

See all our colours and finishes

2 new profiles - Ministar© line

New shapes and design possibilities !

Barrisol offer 2 new profiles in the Ministar© line.

BMS345/06 profile, and BMS 345/20 tube profile :
- specially designed for the creation of 3D frames and structures, providing you the quality finish and strength of the Ministar© line.

See our rails systems

New leaflet Safety, Quality & Health

Barrisol puts the safety and quality in the hearts of its activity, conforming to effective legislations.

Download the documentation (PDF file - 1 Mb)

Barrisol at Ferrari

The museum of Enzo Ferrari in Modena was opened the 12th March 2012.

This 6000 m² museum is the native home of Enzo Ferrari, this is the house where he first opened his work shop. London architectural studio “Surface Design” were responsible for the creation of this futuristic exhibition gallery.The ceiling gallery comprises of 2700 m² of Barrisol sheet Blanc mat, and 270 m² of Barrisol sheet Blanc venus.

See this exceptional project

Barrisol and the indoor air quality

Excellent niveau d'émission dans l'air intérieur - étiquette A+
All our products are labelled A+.
The Barrisol ceilings have been tested A+ (the highest score), in accordance to the French laws on the “emission level
of volatile organic compound” and on the quality of the indoor-air.

  • les Reflets Laqués : A+
  • les Rêves Satinés : A+
  • les Mats Traditions : A+
  • les Daims Ambiance : A+
  • les Recyclés : A+
  • les Translucides : A+
  • les plafond Barrisol® imprimés : A+
  • les Effets Lumière : A+
  • les Effets Matière : A+
  • Barrisol® Creadesign® : A+
  • Barrisol® Trempovision® : A+
  • Barrisol® Trempodesign® : A+

Barrisol is proud to offer its clients and partners the highest quality of products, by allowing only premium materials to enter our fabrication process.
All our products are CE certified and are made under European and international safety norms.

The Barrisol sheets are produced with plasticisers without phtalate and are guaranteed to bewithout cadmium, mercury, or arsenic.
No emission of VCM (vinyl chloride monomer) has beendetected during the warming of the sheet, the installation of the ceiling or after installation.

The studies made by independent laboratory and organizations, confirm that installation of the Barrisol stretch ceilings
presents no danger to either the installers, or their customers.

Barrisol greeting card 2012

Barrisol greeting card
All the Barrisol team wishes you a very happy New Year 2012 !

Click here to discover the Barrisol greeting card.

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