Lighting 3D form : Details

Technical informations

Thanks to the liberty of creation with the whole profiles and tracks Barrisol Star, the design of volumes and forms in 3 dimensions offer many possibilities.

All the architectural forms can be created: rings, waves, cones, paved, cubic, pyramids, vaults, full-clotheshangers, warheads, corbellings, semicircular arches, ogives, tri and five-sided,  etc.



Barrisol 3D carries out the resumptions of edges in hollow, reconstitutes the simple edges, arcs and with double rollers, on capitals, lintels, pilasters, etc.

Tunnel form


Final result



With the possibilities of creation given by the system Star in 3D, all the types of installation, decoration and restoration are possible:

  • Luminous paving stone in a dining room design
  • Multicolored waves in a restaurant
  • Gigantic cylinder in an airport
  • Vaults of a nave of church
  • Cubic display unit for an exhibition
  • Humanoid form in a shopping mall

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