Barrisol Acoustics® - A40 MINIPERF

Acoustical ceiling A40 Miniperf®

Thanks to Miniperf®, resonances are immediately absorbed, thus the parts with high ceilings enjoy particularly pleasant acoustics.

Technical information - A40 Miniperf®

Perforation Features
Holes : 30 000/m²
Hole diameter : ≈ 0,5 mm
Perforation rate : ≈ 5 %
Thickness : ≈ 0,30 mm
Reference : A40 + ref. colour


Acoustic performance

A40 Miniperf® without insulation :

Plafond A40 Miniperf®

A40 Miniperf® with insulation :

Plafond A40 Miniperf®avec isolant

Taux d'absorption acoustique

Sound absorption ratings Without insulation With insulation
Sound absorption average according to ASTM C423 - 01 SAA = 0.34 SAA = 0.83
Noise reduction coefficient according to ASTM C423 -01 NRC = 0.35 NRC = 0.85
Weighted sound absorption coefficient according to DIN EN 11654 αw=0,35 αw=0,65 (Lm)
Sound absorber class according to DIN EN 11654 D C


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