G20 summit in BARRISOL®

Barrisol® Classic Matts at the 2018 G20 summit in Argentina

Barrisol Mirror® in the Palazzo Casino in Las Vegas

The Palazzo is a luxury casino hotel in Las Vegas. In the Electra Cocktail Club, Barrisol® installed more than 200 m2 of Barrisol Mirror® fabric in Silver finish.

New brochure : Barrisol® Mirror®

Remarkably, Barrisol Mirror® combines the reflective power of a mirror and the technical characteristics of stretched Barrisol® membranes to create a perfect illusion and “extend” your interior, giving the impression of space.

Barrisol Clim® - Maison du Champagne Mercier, Epernay, France

Barrisol® had the oportunity to install there its 12th revolution: Barrisol Clim® with 1 000sqm of Blanc douceur membrane (ref.: 01060).

Cisco Live! 2019 trade show in Barcelona

Barrisol® Poppy Red (ref. 02083) lacquer-finish fabric and Barrisol Mirror® Silver (ref. BHMS 1) fabric installed for the Cisco Live! 2019 trade show in Barcelona. An immense red cube balanced on one of its tips with the Barrisol® mirror illusion.

Three monumental and luminous sails on Costa Fortuna boat

These are three monumental light fixtures, of 12m96, 11m56 and 7m85, in the shape of sails that have been installed inside the Italian cruise ship, Costa Fortuna.

New leaflet & new brochure: Editions Barrisol Keishu Kawai

The result of the collaboration between the world leader in stretch ceilings and the famous Japanese master caligrapher, Keishu Kawai.

Barrisol will be at 100% Design show

We are pleased to inform you that the world leader in stretch ceiling, Barrisol, is exhibiting at 100% Design from 19th to 22nd September 2018 ...

EuroSphere Exhibition in Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam) GEM Center

EuroSphere is an Exhibition devoted to European way of life with the aim to spread European happiness to Vietnamese and South-East Asia markets.

Louvre Museum Abu Dhabi

This new museum is the result of a close collaboration between Paris and Abu Dhabi, with some Artworks lent by France and a French architect, Jean Nouvel.

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