Innovation prize - Batiweb awards 2009

A renewed pride in the beginning of 2009!
Barrisol was elected the best innovating product "Barrisol Acoustics-Printed -Luminous Ceilings" in the category "Ceilings" at the Batiweb Awards ceremony which was held in Paris in January.


First training of the year 2009!

In 2009, the Barrisol training courses continue at a frantic rhythm! A group of 3 nationalities (Spain, Germany and Switzerland) inaugurated the trainings session of 2009.

When Barrisol meets the students

Thanks to a partnership between Barrisol Normalu and the Mulhouse Art University, a dozen of students presented an artistic exposition from January 19th to 23rd 2009, under the direction of Mrs. Anita Evenepoel, a Belgian designer. The students explored the plastic qualities of Barrisol® and revealed its artistic potential by original and unexpected creations.
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International training,

For the first time, more than thirty trainees from Japan, United States and South Africa were welcomed to Kembs to follow one of the three training programs (sales, beginning installation and advanced installation). All the instruction was translated into several languages thanks to our remarkable team. Local press visited during the training. The press coverage helped reinforce Barrisol's reputation as an international leader in the stretch ceiling market.

During the next year, Barrisol Normalu plans on holding additional training sessions to help you improve your installation technique, discover new solutions and to help develop your sales ability. (Consult us for any demand of training)

Stop to counterfeit

A Chinese company has been condemned to pay a fine of 10.000 euros and 4 months of suspended sentence to have exactly copied the Barrisol color card.

Award 2007 to Barrisol

Two prizes decreed by For ARCH in Czech Republic, to Barrisol Light as the best product and the most beautiful stand.

Normalu Barrisol takes up the challenge

After the fire of a part of the manufacture in Kembs on August 11th, the company, specialized in the "Barrisol" stretched ceilings, transferred its activities on its Ste-Marie-Aux-Mines site to maintain its production until the manufacture in Kembs become operational. Today, ten jobs are available on site.

To install your stretch ceiling : we help in the search for a stretch ceiling approved Barrisol installer nearest you. Barrisol approved installers have received specialized training at Barrisol, pledge of excellence and quality of work.

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