Barrisol® Wood Effect® - Details

Artolis® mural - ref. BEW01Barrisol® strech ceiling and Artolis® mural - ref. BEW01



When combined with the exclusive BARRISOL ACOUSTICS© micro perforations systems that won the Décibel d’Or® in 2014, BARRISOL® wood effect membranes significantly improve the acoustic comfort of all public and private spaces.


Artolis® mural - ref. BEW08
Artolis® mural - ref. BEW08


Special printed fabric (acoustic testing carried out after printing)

    NANOPERF® without insulation


    NANOPERF® with insulation

special printed fabric (acoustic testing carried out after printing)
 αs Frequency (Hz) Sound absorption Average according to 
STM C423-01
Noise Reduction Coefficient according to
ASTM C 423-01
Weighted sound absorption Coefficient according to
DIN EN 11654
Sound Absorber class according to
DIN EN 11654
 125   250   500   1000   2000   4000 
NANOPERF® Plenum 130
without insulation
 SAA = 0,58 
 NRC = 0,55 
 αw = 0,55 (H) 
NANOPERF® Plenum 130
with insulation
SAA = 0,72
NRC = 0,70
αw = 0,70


3D Effect

Create shapes and designs that were just not possible in wood, thanks to the development of Barrisol® 3D technology. The patented material has won some of the most prestigious prizes and can adapt to all shapes for an exceptional effect.


3D structure - ref. BEW02 and BEW04
3D structure - ref. BEW02 and BEW04


Barrisol® finishes come into their own by making wood look resplendent. Luminous translucent print membranes bring light into your spaces when applied on walls or ceilings.

And while you add radiance, you can also improve the acoustics.


Artolis® lighting mural (lights off) - ref. BEW01
Artolis® lighting mural (lights off) - ref. BEW01

Artolis® lighting mural (lights on) - ref. BEW01
Artolis® lighting mural (lights on) - ref. BEW01



Committed to excellence as ever, Barrisol® products offer you a highly aesthetic material that protects your safety and wellbeing. Barrisol products are free from phthalates, arsenic, cadmium and mercury, and comply with applicable European and international standards for public places and private dwellings alike. Our aim is to make you feel happy in your environment.

All of our prints are guaranteed   

Fire classification B-s1, d0 (Europe) for light printing.


Artolis® mural - ref. BEW02
Artolis® mural - ref. BEW02


Walnut burl, pear, oak, logs, antique planks or rosewood: the only restriction on your desires is that of what nature can offer. Blond wood to recreate a Scandinavian atmosphere or a darker species for more warmth: which do you prefer? Discover our collection or send us your high-definition photographs for exclusive personalization.


ref. BEW01

ref. BEW02

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ref. BEW08

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