Because respect is an essential quality, our values set up around this central concept which ensures us a good relationship with all we work with.

Respect of our clients

The satisfaction of our customers is in the centre of our concerns. It has ensured us for more than forty years of constant product development.

In order to respond to the needs of our customers and to provide them a service and a custom answer, the Barrisol network contains more than 1200 partners, located at the four corners of the world ensuring responsiveness and efficiency.


Respect of our suppliers

Maintaining a close relationship with our active partners is the key of our success. It is on the basis of this mutual trust that our activity gained in efficiency.


Respect of our partners

For Barrisol, diversity is declined in the plural, diversity of nationalities, diversity of competences, diversity of talents… 
Barrisol has a rich human capital. The meeting and the harmonization of competences contribute to the prosperity of the Barrisol activity.

At Barrisol, creativity is not the work of only one person but of a team!


Respect of quality

Quality is our watchword. Since the creation of the brand, Barrisol was rewarded by more than 30 prices and awards throughout the world. Shows, international exhibitions… Today Barrisol is Member of the Club of the world's leaders for exports.

The masters of architecture such as Massimiliano FuksasPeter Eisenman, Philippe Starck, Kristian Gavoille, Norman Foster or Jean Nouvel used the Barrisol technique for projects of exception.


Respect of our engagement

Our engagement towards our customers and our collaborators constitutes the base of our activity. It symbolizes the tight link that we maintain with all the actors interacting in the Barrisol Universe.

Respect of the deadlines, respect of our engagement, respect of the environment, and respect of the quality… many values that we strive to honor each day.


Respect of ethics

Ethics and ecology are closely interdependent. Thus, we invest ourselves in a modern day based on the pillars of sustainable development.

Barrisol is proud of this collective mobilization for the respect of ethics in all its commitments.


Respect of the environment

Barrisol considers the impact on the environment in all decisions it makes. Respect for the environment is one of Barrisol's core values.
We act for the environment through various actions:

We take back and recycle all Barrisol sheets at the end of their useful life. Our offices are equipped with the Thermalu radiant floor heating system to provide its employees a more comfortable working environment. 
We also provide car pool vehicles to our employees to help reduce traffic congestion and reduce the emissions of CO2. We keep packaging and used water for recycling.

In 2007, member of the Councils of the English and Canadian Green Building industry, Barrisol started to commercialize the Barrisol line The Recyclés®. All the Barrisol sheets are 100% recyclable, then we took it further - we combined innovation and respect of the environment: the sheet The Recyclées® are manufactured from old Barrisol sheets.

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