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Specially designed to be mounted on free-standing frames of any shape (2D or 3D), these membranes will add an exceptional touch to any décor.

Plafond tendu Barrisol Mirror Plafond tendu Barrisol Mirror Plafond tendu Barrisol Mirror Plafond tendu Barrisol Mirror Plafond tendu Barrisol Mirror


  • We can mount the frames edge to edge for larger modules too
  • Adapts to 3D shapes
  • Available in acoustic versions : up to αw = 0,90
  • Available in printed versions
  • Diffuses light through the customised perforations
  • Volume and 3D shape design
  • Allows you to integrate technical elements and any type of light
  • Light weight: 15 to 20 times lighter than a traditional mirror
  • B-s2 d0 fire safety classification
  • 100% recyclable membrane
  • A+ classification
  • EC certified

Acoustic comfort


A range of 6 colours

Barrisol Mirror®, the unbreakable mirror, is available in 6 finishes: Silver, Gold, Copper, Copper moiré, Black, Tin moiré

Each of these Barrisol Mirror® finishes will give a unique ambience to your space.


mirror silver

Silver Mirror®

mirror gold

Gold Mirror®

mirror copper

Copper Mirror®


mirror black

Black Mirror®

mirror tin moire

Tin moiré Mirror®

mirror copper moire

Copper moiré Mirror®



Silver mirror


Silver Barrisol Mirror® membrane will blend into your décor like a mirror, and the highly modern silver finish will surprise you with it potent shine. An innovative material, it will make your spaces feel bigger and bring a contemporary, sleek feel to your décor.

Gold mirror


In a nod to the golden mirrors of Ancient Egypt and the sophistication of neoclassical décor, this golden finish will warm your spaces and add a hint of style and shine. The refined golden notes combine sheer elegance with highly technical materials.


Tin moiré mirror


Halfway between a silver finish and something darker, the Tin moiré Barrisol Mirror® combines the sophistication of black with the modernity of silver. Use the Tin moiré finish in large spaces to soften the ambience, taking the light and reflecting it in a softer, more elegant way.

Black mirror


The black Barrisol Mirror® membrane is synonymous with elegance and excellence. With its deep, dark colour, the black finish will give your interior sophistication, refinement and a sense of luxury. This is why so many companies have already chosen to integrate the Barrisol Mirror® black into their interiors.


3D mirror


You can use Barrisol Mirror® membrane to create 3D shapes. What’s more, the composition of the mirror makes it an ultra-light solution, making even the most audacious projects possible.

Copper mirror


Mirror design

By combining the reflective power of a mirror and the unique characteristics of stretched ceilings, you can now add a whole new dimension to your mirrors. Designed specifically to change your décor, Barrisol Mirror® membrane can decorate and demarcate your spaces, multiplying small volumes and bringing a sense of designer style to your interior. The only limit now is your imagination.

Printed mirror

Barrisol® ceilings are a great technical resource for your interior decoration needs. Infinitely customisable, printed Barrisol Mirror® membranes can reflect your brand and create in interior in your image. Just send us your visuals for your own custom projects.

Some patterns to inspire you


Motif Code-barres

Motif "Code-barres"

Motif Variation de cercles

Imprimé Béton BEB01
Motif "Variation de cercles"

Motif Imprimé marbre

Imprimé Marbre BER03

Motif Dégradés losanges

Imprimé Marbre BER03
Motif "Dégradé losanges"

Motif Dégradé circulaire

Imprimé Marbre BER03
Motif "Dégradé circulaire"

Motif Demi-lunes

Imprimé Marbre BER03
Motif "Demi-lunes"

Motif Etoiles orientales

Motif "Etoiles orientales"

Motif Mix images

Motif "Mix images"

Motif L'envol des colombes

Motif "L'envol des colombes"


A whole host of shapes: circular, square, triangular, rectangular, hexagonal, etc.

Barrisol Mirrors® can be installed across the entire room, or be hung any way you want. Thanks to the exceptionally light weight (292g/m²), Barrisol Mirror® membranes are specially designed to be mounted on aluminium frames. These are available in rectangles, circles, triangles, squares, hexagons and much more.

Integrated technical and lighting components

Because the membranes are so easy to work with and install, you can incorporate a whole host of technical elements and/or lighting solutions into your Barrisol Mirror® ceiling. There are different ways to integrate these components: you can either embed them (e.g. spot lights, sprinklers, etc.) or use a system of separators which allow you to integrate invisible, designer lighting solutions.

Perforated mirror

Barrisol Mirror® membranes can include customised perforations and back-lighting. Your mirror can be fully personalised and completely unique, allowing you to create the décor of your dreams.





Barrisol Mirror® combined with other Barrisol® products

Thanks to the wide range of Barrisol® profiles and technical fixing components, you can use these membranes any way you want. You can, for example, mix and match different membranes finishes. Feel free to play around with the colours and materials to create your own work of art.

Rails systems

The fixing systems for Barrisol® stretched ceiling allow you to create a traditional ceiling or any shape you want (slopes, arches, curves, waves, 3D, organics, etc.). Here, you’ll find the profiles adapted to our Barrisol Mirror® range.

profil1 profil2

Colours & Finishes

With 6 finishes: Silver, Gold, Copper, Copper moiré, Black, Tin moiré and many different ways to customise your membranes (prints, perforations, back-lighting, etc.), the only limit is your imagination!



To install your stretch ceiling : we help in the search for a stretch ceiling approved Barrisol installer nearest you. Barrisol approved installers have received specialized training at Barrisol, pledge of excellence and quality of work.

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