From 2010 until today





  • Keishu Kawai: Japanese Caligraphy Exhibition "partage"

Master Keishu Kawai is a Japanese Shodo artist (Japanese calligraphy). Born in Ibaraki, at the foot of the sacred mountain Tsukuba, she now lives and works in Colmar, Alsace. Barrisol® is honoured to be a partner of the exhibition which will be held from 7 to 30 September 2018 at the Temple Neuf in Strasbourg. Free admission from Wednesday to Sunday from 2pm to 6pm.

  • Photographic exhibition at the Hartmannswillerkopf

In partnership with the company Barrisol® and the support of the City of Saint-Louis, Marcel Schueller has created an exhibition that allows visitors to see, through a path in the dark, these large size photographs printed on Barrisol® membranes and backlit by a sophisticated LED system. This exhibition, labelled "European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018", is a source of pride for Barrisol®. We show all our veterans that they are not forgotten, especially in this year 2018, which marks the centenary of the end of the Great War.

  • Paris 2018 World Motor Show: Skoda Stand

In 2018, the World Motor Show celebrates its 120th anniversary and for this 88th edition the company Barrisol® had the honour of decorating a sublime stand for the Czech brand Skoda.

  • Barrisol at 100% Design London

Barrisol® exhibited at the world's largest commercial design event at Olympia London: 100% Design, from 19 to 22 September 2018.

The latest Barrisol® innovations and achievements were presented there: Barrisol Clim®, invisible and silent air conditioning for your well-being, the ASTRXL textile ceiling that can be installed and uninstalled at will, the Chantal Thomass Butterfly and her new light fixture: Ribbon.

  • Barrisol® and French luxury in interior design

On the occasion of this fourth edition, organised by Business France at the French Embassy in Berne on 12 June 2018, nineteen companies represented French excellence and presented their creations in the reception rooms of the Résidence de France in Berne.

Barrisol® presented its creations and know-how to Swiss interior design professionals in a prestigious setting. The Barrisol® range with its noble material, its adaptation to the most daring shapes, the quality of its creations, make it an ideal and essential material for creative people.

  • EuroSphere 2018 exhibition at the GEM Center in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

EuroSphere is an exhibition on products reflecting the European way of life, with the objective of transferring European joie de vivre to the markets of Vietnam and Southeast Asia. In this context, EuroSphere, with an estimated number of more than 100 exhibitors from European countries and 3500 trade visitors, is the first and only event of its kind in South East Asia. One of the exhibition stands was equipped with Barrisol® product.


New products


Exceptional projects

  • Aspire Park Stadium, Qatar

    We have installed over 16,000 sqm of stretch ceilings at Aspire Stadium in Doha, in one of the stadiums that was built to host the 2022 Football World Cup in Qatar.

  • Warner Bros. World, Abu Dhabi

    During the construction of a new Warner Bros World amusement park in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, Barrisol® had a mission to install hundreds of light clouds made of Barrisol Acoustic Light® membranes in different parts of the Park: Cartoon Junction, BedRock, Dynamite Gulch.


  • Maison du Champagne Mercier, Epernay, France

    Founded in 1858, the “Champagne Mercier” has installed its House in Epernay (Marne) on the prestigious avenue “de Champagne”. This House is one of the most visited establishment of the region. Barrisol® had the oportunity to install there its 12th revolution: Barrisol Clim® with 1 000sqm of Blanc douceur membrane (ref.: 01060). Barrisol® has also decorated the existing glass lift of the Museum with Artolis® membrane.

  • Neubau Verwaltungszentrum Microsorber, Fribourg, Allemagne

    For this project, it was necessary to preserve the brightness of the canopy and to keep the acoustic. That is why Microsorber material has been installed. This sheet was also chosen because it offered a freedom in the form. Moreover it is one of the only membranes in Barrisol® range which resists to UV rays. So, 150sqm of Microsorber membranes were installed between August and September 2017.

  • Zaventem Airport, Brussels, Belgium

    Brussels Airport is one of the largest airports in Belgium. A video animation has been placed in the ceiling: 200 sqm of Barrisol ELT®3D membrane is combined with panoramic video panels. Thus, this corridor is equipped with magnificent lighting and maintains a tremendous ceiling height thanks to the impression of depth of Barrisol ELT®3D. The light passage in Barrisol ELT®3D combined with these video screens, which broadcast informative content 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, enhance this place.


  • Temptation Resort&Spa, Mexique

    Another major project carried out with one of the greatest designers, Karim Rashid. Expert in the work of colours and organic shapes, Barrisol® solutions are perfect for his project. As you can see from the beautiful pictures of the famous "Aphodisiac Restaurant".

  • Shopping Malls "The Avenues", Koweit

    Many might think that we don't pay attention to the architecture of a shopping centre, we decorate it, we put lots of lights and colours in it, and the shops do the rest. But that's where the difference lies between a shopping centre like "Shopping Mall The Avenues" and the others. This "Mall", the largest in Kuwait, has been designed as a work of art, everything is taken care of, and so are the ceilings. If you don't pay attention to the details you might think it's concrete, but no, these are Barrisol stretch ceilings that cover almost the entire centre.


Sponsorship & Partnerships

  • Partnership with Hartmannswillerkopf
  • Partnership with Master Keishu Kawai
  • Partnership with Lucibel
  • Partnership with Osram and the creation of the common Showroom in Saint-Louis
  • Partnership with the Val d'Argent Commune Community
  • Partnership with the Hansi Museum
  • Partnership with the Unterlinden Museum for Adolphe Braun's exhibition
  • Partner of the Mimarshiv Selection 2018 exhibition in Istanbul


New brochures

  • Welcome in Barrisol's Universe 2018 : Numerous stretch ceiling systems created by BARRISOL® over the past 50 years now form a real universe: BARRISOL® UNIVERSE.
    The new version of "Welcome in Barrisol’s Universe" is available.

  • Barrisol Recycled Membrane : In addition to respecting the environment, Barrisol® wishes, thanks to its Les Recyclés® range, to offer you efficient acoustic comfort.

  • Barricouleur 2018 : The new Barricouleur: A complete colour chart of the entire Barrisol® palette & all the technical information you need for each range, in 5 languages!!

  • Editions Barrisol – Keishu Kawai leaflet : Japanese calligraphy for our walls and ceilings!Master Keishu Kawai was born in the Japanese prefecture of Ibaraki, north of Tokyo. Today, an Alsatian by adoption, on this land particularly rich in French-Japanese exchanges, Master Keishu Kawai devotes herself to the art of calligraphy and develops more and more unique collections. An insatiable artist with a desire for large formats. Master Keishu Kawai's meeting with Barrisol® made this dream come true through a collection of calligraphy dedicated to interior design.

  • Editions Barrisol – Keishu Kawai Brochure : Japanese calligraphy for our walls and ceilings!
    The complete brochure of Keishu Kawai's calligraphic works created in partnership with Barrisol

  • Barrisol® Print your Mind® : Print photos, designs of your choice on your walls or ceilings to create a personalised decor. The only limit is your imagination!

  • Barrisol® ELT3D® : 3D light effects.

  • Barrisol® GTs® : Non-combustible ceiling on fabric glass
    Fabric glass is a material that is part of the family of wall and ceiling coverings. Consisting of extremely fine glass wires, its strength and durability are the most appreciated characteristics.

  • Barrisol® Light Lines® : Solutions for light lines.
    With Light Lines® lighting systems, you can choose the look you want to give, according to your decorating desires and lighting needs.

  • Barrisol® Acoustic Light® : Acoustics in addition to light.
    Wished for many years and awaited by architects and acousticians, Acoustic Light® is finally becoming a reality. The Barrisol® Acoustic Light® solution is now available to complete the range of light ceilings.




Barrisol is celebrating its 50th year anniversary!

From 1967 to 2017 Barrisol kept on evolving, improving and growing thanks to you. Thank you for your support and your trust over the years.

Discover the video made at our 50 year anniversary



  • New showroom Barrisol in Mulhouse

Barrisol recently opened its second showroom in Mulhouse. Located in the old Bistrot d’Oscar, this showroom covers over 1 000 m² and is entirely dedicated to luminous ceilings and acoustic. From the first floor of 350 m², we can discover a luminous membrane which controlled by a dimmer, constitutes a perfect combination of decoration and well-being, and prove once again the Barrisol’s know-how.

  • New showroom in St Louis

Barrisol invites you to discover its brand new showroom in St- Louis. This 104m² area, dedicated to offices space, introduces many of our core products: the acoustic light, the ELT 3D, the Artolis acoustic on the wall and our new air conditioning system, the Barrisol CLIM.

It was a genuine honour for Barrisol to participate in this event and showcase it’s know-how through the beautiful fashion show.

By choosing Artolis frame as a support for the history of the MIME, we are honoured to be part of the association of “a museum for the mime”.

The biennale of Venice is a major event in which Barrisol was thrilled and proud to be a part of. The n°1 leader of stretch ceiling installed a black laqué ceiling in the heart of a Venetian palace which continue on the line of the Venetian ceiling, also precursor in the ceiling industry in the past. It is an honour for us to have been able to collaborate on an event of this magnitude by ensuring that this magnificent Barrisol black lacquered ceiling reflects the equally magnificent work.

One of Broadway’s most popular musical showcases a huge Barrisol Mirror created by using a combination of different Barrisol Frames. This original combination was a perfect fit to match the uniqueness of the show.

It was an honour for Barrisol to be a part of this great adventure. Indeed, Barrisol created a beautiful retrospective using 13 Barrisol panel for a total of 45m² and unforgeable masterpieces.

The 100 % Design exposition taking place at the Olympia in London is one of the most attended design event in London. Barrisol had the opportunity to introduce many of its core products such as the Barrisol CLIM, the Chantal Thomas butterfly, Barrisol Layers, Fabric Glass and other innovations created by Barrisol.

In partnership with Barrisol and the help of the Township of St Louis, Marcel Schueller realized an exhibition which allows to see-through the darkness, pictures in high definition, printed on Barrisol’s membranes and backlit by a sophisticated LED’s system.


New collections


New profiles

  • 9 new Barrisol® profiles :

Barrisol® Ministar BXS 330/11

BS 350/24 separator LED for circle and 3D shape

Ministar BMS 335/50 Aluminium tube for modular LED frame

BarriClim BMS CLIM 1

Trempo BT 330
BT 330.01
BT 330.02



Exceptional projects

  • Le Louvre d'Abu Dhabi, Émirats Arabes Unis

    Ce nouveau musée est le résultat d'une étroite collaboration entre Paris et Abu Dhabi, avec des œuvres prêtées par la France, et un architecte français, Jean Nouvel. Ce dernier a créé une ville musée sur l'île de Saadiyat à 10 kilomètres du centred'Abu Dhabi. Barrisol® a également apporté son savoir-faire, on retrouve dans l'espace enfant des plafonds lumineux et dans l'espace VIP des plafonds noirs de la gamme Reflets Laqués®.

  • Ikea Loule, Portugal

    Le groupe IKEA a fait appel à Barrisol® pour habiller les 4500 m2 des plafonds du complexe commercial Mar Shopping Algarve, d'une toile perforée avec un design sur mesure de 20mm de diamètre, alliant ainsi sophistication et fonctionnalité. Il s'agit du deuxième projet d'envergure utilisant la toile REVERSO après le Nest de Nestlé.

  • Havas HKX, England

    Havas is one of the most prestigious advertising and communication firms in the world. In its new European headquarter, which opened in February 2017, the decoration is breath-taking. Indeed, if look up to the ceiling, you will find the Barrisol broken mirror which creates the perfect illusion of a broken mirror.

  • Casino THE 13, Macau

    In 2016 Barrisol decorated the ceilings of the new Stephen Hung casino .Completely in love with the Versailles Castle and passionate by France’s culture, Stephen Hung picked a baroque style with Barrisol’s printed acoustic membranes.

  • ‘Future Energy’ exhibition 2017 in Astana, Kazakhstan

    The Ouzbekistan pavilion created 3D structures in which are display many devices functioning with solar energy, wind turbine and hydraulic, as well as the robotic products created by the students of the Polytecniaue Université of Turin in Tachkent.

  • Maina, Italy

    To celebrate the 50th year anniversary of the firm Maina, the architect Gianni Arnaudo renovated the factory. The dominant element is a red ruban which penetrates the building from the outside and continue in the inside transforming into a red staircase.


Maecenas & Partnership



  • Welcome 2017 : This brochure gathers all the different ceilings system created by Barrisol over the past 45 years.

  • Photobook n°1 : This photobook shows how Barrisol is able to adapt in every room of your house: the kitchen, the living room, the bedroom etc. Discover our projects in pictures.

  • Barricouleur 2017 : The new Barricouleur: This palette provides all the colours and technical information about our products. The Barricouleur is available in 5 languages.

  • Editions Barrisol – Chantal Thomass : Chic & Glamorous for our walls and ceilings!
    This collection embodies the unique universe of Chantal Thomass

  • Editions Barrisol – Hansi : Hansi is known as an symbolic artist.
    Thanks to its partnership created with him, Barrisol was able to create a typical bucolic decor of Alsace.

  • Collection Matière – Marbre Effect : Transform the marble into a flexible, light acoustic material, capable to adapt to any shapes and forms.

  • Barrisol Clim : Barrisol provides a system of air – conditioning which is silent, invisible and homogenous.




  • New website Barrisol ®
    Restyled to match the new designs and modern standards and is now suitable for all types of devices (smartphone, tablet, computer ...), your user experience can only be improved.

    BarrisolPlan is a tracing software for suspended ceilings BARRISOL® and ARTOLIS® webs. It manages a database - the BARRISOL® and ARTOLIS® canvases - orders and plans - as well as a customer file. This software is available for free download at: It integrates import duties and export DXF (AutoCAD) It offers the possibility of treating printed fabrics, and the establishment of customer quotes. It simplifies the sending of an order by grouping them all planes that compose a single file.

    This software is available for free download at:


new ranges

  • ELT3D® by BARRISOL® : Our new range Barrisol® ELT®3D offers exceptional 3D light effect thanks to the light rays produced by the LEDs on patented woven fabric. The desired optical rendering will be defined depending on the position and distance of flexible RGB leds according to the desires (diagonal, square, etc.). The ELT®3D can be proposed in acoustics with a suitable absorbent (acoustic light).

  • SUPPLY GROWS ARTOLIS® BARRISOL® : all Artolis® coatings are now available in widths of 500cm 

  • NEW CANVAS TOTALLY OPAQUE : BARRISOL® is proud to present the new canvas Reverso outcome of the research and development division. With a white face and a black face, this painting has a 100% opacity (ref: X1055 - Width of strips: 220cm - Fire classification: B-s2, d0, labeled A +, CE marked, guarantee 100% phthalate free ) . This solution offers new design opportunities especially for 3D shapes.

  • NEW CANVAS TrempoDesign : BARRISOL® is proud to present our new web TrempoDesign TD120. This offers for the first time an acoustic weaving, with a strip which is of width of 295cm and unmatched white for this type of product. Reference: TD120, labeled A +, CE marked, guarantee 100% phthalate free .

  • MIRROR COLLECTION GROWS : The BARRISOL MIRROR® collection grows with our new COPPER canvas. This painting features a beautiful color "pink" you will realize, in the same way that all MIRROR paintings, ceilings, frames, 3D shapes, acoustic ceilings, etc. Please note, acoustic version (A10 perforation, A20, A30, A40) microperforation mitigate the mirror effect. Reference: BHMC2, strips of width: 140cm, fire rating "B s2, d0", labeled A +, CE marked, guarantee 100% phthalate free .


New profiles 

  • Ref. : BMS 365/50 separator led wall and ceiling

  • Ref. : BMS 365/40 separator led to circle and 3D shape

  • Ref. : ARCS - 12

  • Ref. : ARCS - 13


Exceptional projects

  • nest by Nestlé ®
    Vevey - Switzerland

    The complex located in Vevey, Switzerland officially marking the 150 years of Nestlé opened June 15, 2016, where also, in 1866, Henri Nestlé, invented his famous Milky flour. 
    Its main attraction (the Visions platform) evokes the vision on the future of Nestlé Nutrition. This organic overhead structure symbolizes the perpetual motion of innovation and design has been thought in Barrisol®. 
    Along more than 450 m and elegantly dressed by ten 3D elements, the museum presents a dozen thematic form of media exposure relaxing, educational and interactive content. 
    We installed are the new Reverso canvas, which was developed specifically for this project (100% blackout fabric) over 3 000 sqm.

  • The dome of Florence
    Florence - Italy

    Built in 1436, listed as UNESCO World Heritage since 1982. 
    600m 2 double translucent canvas. 
    In the day natural light is given by the Skylight. During the night, it is replaced by the light of the Skylight. The combination of artificial light filtered through Barrisol® sheets, ensures that the room is still enjoying plenty of soft and pleasant light.

  • Gare de Lyon
    Paris - France

    The Gare de Lyon was built to plans by Francis Alexis ashtray in 1855 as the terminus of the lines of the company's Paris railway in Lyon. 
    600 m 2 of Arcolis® frames. 
    Acoustic comfort optimized for this vast space that welcome travelers.

  • NATO Summit
    Warsaw - Poland

    Once again at the heart of global news, Barrisol ® was present at the NATO summit held on 8 and 9 July last in the Polish capital, Warsaw. 
    Called to achieve an exceptional new project, Barrisol ® meets the challenge brightly, with the creation of 34 Diamonds lamps and especially a lamp 24 meters long designed for the event recalling the logo in the shape of star, clean NATO. 
    What illuminate the top and put some more light on the expertise of Barrisol ® , providing a unique atmosphere in this global event!

  • World Youth Day in
    Krakow - Poland

    This is another wonderful project with canvas artolis ® Barrisol ® . 800 m 2 fabric AXP. 
    Used for TV studio in Krakow, Poland. Prepared specially for World Youth Day, which took place from 26 to 31 July 2016. 
    The purpose of this project was the creation of an innovative set design for the news program that aired the youth meeting with Pope Francis . 
    The dynamic scenography oval shaped with the use of the Matrix system has perfectly captured the translucent qualities of the canvas artolis® AXP Barrisol ® .

  • Artolis ® Light ®

    Artolis ® Light ® printed (with junction motifs) 
    Canvas artolis ® Light ® Print ® 22 m long backlit. 
    Indeed, the property owner wanted to illuminate his room with decor that gives a unique depth. 
    The idea of making a printed mural came to alleviate the sensation of darkness that was omnipresent. 
    He sought to create a new perspective with a panoramic photograph of the city of MurciaEspagne with protagonists towers ... 
    The artolis System ® Backlit was the perfect solution to create an open and pleasant atmosphere, like a window on the outside


Philanthropy & Partnerships

  • Tour d'Alsace 2016: 6 days cycling race throughout Alsace from 27 to 31 July 2016.
  • Barrisol GP 2016: Future ATP tennis tournament Illberg TC, to be held from 11 to 18 September 2016.
  • ZOO Mulhouse inauguration September 16, 2016 of the new Zoo seminar room. Installation of an acoustic Barrisol ® Matt White of 117m 2  + insulation. Laying a printed wall of 3.79 m by 2.93 m Artolis® Acoustics.
  • Crazy Horse: partnership with the new review of Chantal Thomass.
  • Event in London: OSRAM lighting.



  • COLLECTION CONTENTS - WOOD by BARRISOL ® : Transform the wood soft and lightweight material, acoustic, light or adapting to all forms ... It is what offers the new range of materials Barrisol ® . Printed in millions of colors on Artolis coatings ® and Barrisol ® , the woods surrounded the premises for unlimited applications.
  • COLLECTION CONTENTS - BRICK by BARRISOL ® : Replace a heavy material such as brick or stone with a light and innovative coating revolutionized interior design! The lightness of the fabrics BARRISOL ® and Artolis ® enables unique applications with traditi material
  • COLLECTION CONTENTS - CONCRETE by BARRISOL ® : In receiving public places and in private homes, Artolis coatings ® and BARRISOL ® Concrete bring an original touch to your decor while providing technical characteristics unattainable with traditional concrete.
  • MIRROR ® by BARRISOL ® : We are happy to announce the arrival of our new brochure MIRROR ® . The new canvas COPPER appear only in the next reprint of this brochure. 
  • Barricouleur - 2016 Collection : The latest brochure COLORS AND FINISHES including the collection 2016 is published. Discover our latest news: web REVERSO, canvas MIRROR ® Copper and canvas MATERIAL ADVERSE ®(Concrete, Brick, Wood).
  • ACCESSORIES CATALOG 2016 : The full range of profiles, systems and accessories BARRISOL ® 2016 is available with all the latest news and all the information you need for your projects and orders. 
  • ELT3D ® by BARRISOL ® : Our new Barrisol ® ELT ® 3D provides exceptional 3D light effect thanks to the light rays produced by the LEDs on patented woven fabric. The desired optical rendering will be defined depending on the position and distance of flexible RGB leds according to the desires (diagonal, square, etc.). The ELT ® 3D can be proposed in acoustics with a suitable absorbent (acoustic light).



  • Belgian Building Award for Best Design (Best Design Award) at the Batibouw Fair March 4, 2015.

    The meeting between the world of the famous Ross Lovegrove and designate Barrisol® is originally a magnificent collection of lamps with organic shapes. Ross Lovegrove has created an exceptional design for exceptional product Barrisol® imagining a single fixture with harmonious forms that only Barrisol® could achieve. The Manta lamp was unanimously of the Belgian Architects and the Association of Interior Architects. Its special shape was achieved with Barrisol® products through the encounter between a material with unique properties, mastery and experience of over 50 years of Barrisol® teams and the vision of a designated exception.

  • Red Dot Award 2015, Best of the Best

    Barrisol® received the RED DOT AWARD 2015 BEST OF THE BEST for the lamp Barrisol Manta®, one of the luminaries of the magnificent collection designed by Ross Lovegrove and developed by Barrisol®. This exceptional price, reward the encounter between a material with unique properties and expertise of Barrisol team that has won a jury of renowned personalities in the world of design and architecture. 
    The collection of Barrisol lamps Lovegrove illustrates the perfect balance between organic form and high technology. The quality and flexibility of paintings and structures Barrisol, have created beautiful objects inspired by nature, which not only illuminate the spaces but also improve the acoustic environment.


    Barrisol got the award for the best product for 3D mirror in Poland.


    Barrisol received the Living Heritage Company label, state label issued by the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industry and in fact enhances the expertise of excellence of our teams to nationally and internationally.

    See the certificate and the letter of Mr Macron


    During the evening ceremony Alsace Innovation Trophies, BARRISOL NORMALU SAS, represented by its president Jean-Marc Scherrer, received the trophy INDUSTRY EXCELLENCE AND SUSTAINABLE BUILDING MATERIALS. 
    This award was presented by Mrs. Christelle Murtschler, regional delegate EDF (Partner of Innovation Awards), which was keen to emphasize the excellence of the company Barrisol for its innovative systems and the use of materials that guarantee respect for the 'environment.


    Barrisol was awarded the famous Janus of Industry issued by the National Institute of Design and distinguishes the most innovative projects. 
    Janus is a label of excellence that rewards Companies and Communities who register permanently in a progressive approach to the service of the Person, Industry and the City ...


New profiles

  • BMS 345/55 : Profile Barrisol® Acoustic Light®


  • BMS 340/10 : the double profile canvas developed by Barrisol ®


New ranges

    The lamp 1954® and collaboration between Barrisol® with the world-renowned architect.

    This new system allows the improvement of acoustic comfort of public and private spaces through the use of a micro-perforated translucent canvas. 
    Transparent, it is 100% resistant to UV, and thus can be installed against walls or glazed facades as well as in the ceiling, and can be disassembled easily.

    Website MICROSORBER®

  • The modular frames Arcolis®

    BARRISOL® launches acoustic panels Arcolis® . With his experience in the technical field of acoustics and solutions for architecture and decoration, BARRISOL® has developed a wide range of acoustic panels and speakers, to suspend or hang, or removable dividers to ask for a acoustic correction of all public and private spaces.

    Website Arcolis®


Exceptional projects

  • Volvo Showroom
    Azerbaijan / Designer: BS GROUP Taleh Aliyev
    Volvo Showroom offers Barrisol. He here takes the form of a series of light boxes embossed in the manner of a puzzle game with geometric shapes whose reputation is well established. The forms follow and alternate seamlessly between gray and white giving the disconcertingly deep impression ceiling. Everything reinforces the modern and futuristic place.
  • Center Heydar Aliyev
    Azerbaijan / Architect: Zaha Hadid
    A new exception reference is added to the long list of ambitious projects Barrisol is proud to be part. Indeed, the Heydar Aliyev Cultural Center in Azerbaijan designed by the famous Zaha Hadid that complements our prestigious list. The complex, located in the city of Baku, the dancing curves as sublime qu'harmonieuses is adorned with an exceptional Barrisol Light to its ceiling.
  • APA NEF Office
    Istanbul - Turkey / Designer: Addon
    Barrisol is invited again in Istanbul, in the beautiful offices of APA Nef whose architecture has earned it the "Turkey's Best Office Project Award" in 2011. It was under abstract features of a Barrisol Light in exceptional terrain that we had the honor to be present this time. The black stripes interspersed with white light multiply fabric with a mirror significantly increasing the depth effect giving the work a singular charm.


Corporate Sponsorships

  • Showroom BARRISOL®

    In the heart of Mulhouse, the cradle of textile design that Barrisol® created his first showroom. 
    This privileged space of about 250m2 is dedicated to Barrisol® universe.

    In a decoration and design spirit, the world leader of stretch ceilings presents its latest innovations. 
    For the opening, April 28, 2015, an event organized Barrisol® evening, with the exceptional presence of André Manoukian who offered us a private concert with singer Léna Chamamyan in this place with perfect acoustics thanks systems and paintings Barrisol® and Artolis®. 
    Barrisol® feeds a privileged partnership with the artist, a songwriter, a great lover of jazz and talent scout. Indeed, André Manoukian wanted to create in the heart of Chamonix a place of musical creation and meeting place for artists. It is in the former home of the climber Maurice Herzog he creates his "House of Artists". 
    The meeting between André Manoukian and Barrisol® was a natural as the musician, songwriter was looking acoustic solutions and efficient design for the project. 
    Canvases and Barrisol® systems respond ideally to the acoustic requirements of the space dedicated to music while providing a very stylish atmosphere to the place, especially with the installation of the original wall murals, from the collection Barrisol ® Museum of Printing on fabrics.

  • The House of Artists, equipped acoustic Barrisol ®
  • The House of Artists, a center of musical and artistic creation, created by André Manoukian opened June 6, 2015. Come discover the acoustic fabrics offered by Barrisol ®  that offer this place to the spectacular panorama that meets acoustic all requirements.

  • Chantal Thomass and Barrisol the Printing Museum of Fabrics
  • After we visited our showroom there some time, the impertinent Chantal Thomass exhibits its expertise in Printing Museum on fabrics. This is in Mulhouse, in a chic and glamorous atmosphere that reveals the designs of that which is presented as the pioneer of luxury lingerie. More than a hundred of his creations are so exposed for all to see: basques, corsets, bra and enthroned such works of art in the Museum of Barrisol background printed for an even greater immersion into the world the famous designer.

  • Restaurant - Paris Philharmonic
  • Exhibition Square in living room of the Galerie des Gobelins (Elysée Palace)
  • Photographer Olivier Roller, known for his work on the figures of power, highlights the excellence and expertise by photographic images through a facility whose climax is a suspended structure like a huge staple yarn. 
    This backlit structure of almost 15m long, was carried out in our workshops, with the profile Barrisol® Ministar® BMS345 / 50 associated with the Barrisol® canvas, and the latest generation of LED integration. 
    Another example of the mastery of Barrisol® teams serving the creators.



  • Euroluce in Milan in 2015

    Friends for over 30 years, Ross Lovegrove and Piero Castiglioni, the two great world-renowned designers, chose Barrisol to create exceptional lighting. Barrisol® brought these creations in the heart of a beautiful white and gold booth designed by Ross Lovegrove, a true tribute to light, at the Euroluce in Milan from 14 to 19 April 2015. This magnificent structure has again attracted a large number of visitors.




  • New at Kembs: a new workspace has been created within the factory. The sector "Normalu 3" is now as an office open space a showcase opportunities offertent by products and systems Barrisol ® . The acoustics of the place was particularly worked and symbolizes the finishing performance Barrisol ® Acoustics ® in a high ceiling space. The luminaries of the Barrisol Lovegrove collection were also suspended. Created by Pierre Fraenkel, Mulhousien artist, "tender in the Stars" brings an original touch and welcome the visitor, as an invitation to the imagination.



  • BARRISOL ® COLLECTION 2015 : the Barricouleur 2015, a full color chart for the full range Barrisol & all the technical information you need for each range, in 5 languages.

  • WELCOME TO THE BARRISOL ® : the many stretch ceiling systems created by BARRISOL® over the past 50 years now form a real universe: UNIVERSE BARRISOL®.

  • BARRISOL ® CASTIGLIONI : This brochure presents the lamp 1954 ® and collaboration between Barrisol ® with the world-renowned architect.

  • BARRISOL ® Effect Concrete : This brochure presents the range of effects Concrete Barrisol ® and its technical specifications.

  • Editions BARRISOL ® Collection Wallpaper Museum : this new component is added to the collection of Barrisol Editions ® with a new collboration Barrisol ® with the Paper Museum Rixheim painted.

  • MICROSORBER ® by BARRISOL ® All technical specifications of the new acoustic optimization system.

  • Arcolis ® : brochure of our new range of panels and acoustic baffles Arcolis ® , suspend or hang, and removable partitions to ask for a room correction of all public and private spaces.



new finishes

  • The new White Edelweiss 02005: new benchmark in the range of painted reflections, ranked BS1-d0, 150cm width
  • The new White Artic 07020 Reference: classified BS1-d0, enriches the palette of satin dreams, 220cm width
  • The Web Polaris B04080 reference: The new translucent fabric Bs1d0 offers a light transmission of 77% width 220cm
  • The Canvas Satin Gray 07016 Victoria Reference: New Bs1d0 Canvas, 220cm width
  • A new reference Creadesign Floral BCD


New profiles
A series of new profiles BARRISOL ® was developed and complements existing mounting systems. Improved models or development of novel profiles for new applications, these profiles will be essential to support all the achievements, even the most technical.

  • Ref. BMS 340/10

  • Ref. BMS 340/15

  • Ref. BMS 345/30

  • Ref. BMS 345/40

  • Ref. BMS 340/14

  • Ref. BS 350/13

  • Ref. BMR 385/05

  • Ref. BMR 385/06


Exceptional projects

  • John Hancock Center Observatory
    Chicago - USA / Architect: Bruce Graham 
    Height: 457.2 meters. 
    BARRISOL® could fully reveal the potential for quality, aesthetics, and innovative range of the Mirror. Located in the 94th floor of the building more than 314 meters, it is possible to admire the panorama of the city of Chicago in a way very original and striking.

  • Vulcania Park
    Auvergne - France / Architect: Nathalie Alvergnat 
    BARRISOL® brought his stone architecture both modern and discreet posing 35m2 BARRISOL® Silver Mirror in the park restaurant in the heart of the Chaîne des Puys in the Regional Park Volcans d'Auvergne.

  • Office Costa Rica
    San Jose - Costa Rica / Architect: Parq Proyecto Arquitectura. 
    Newsroom of the new headquarters, the largest daily newspaper in Costa Rica. BARRISOL® contributed to this project with the supply of 1100 m2 canvas BARRISOL® matt white Acoustics (BSA301010B). 149 ceilings which 142 identical hexagons.

  • Vaasa University
    in Finland / Architect: Arkkitehtitoimisto Nurminen Antila & Co 
    BARRISOL® participated in the development of an open workspace on a relaxation area offering with backlit solution color change near the light therapy, a total of 160 m2 of ceiling for the relaxed environment.

  • Cineland Lido Di Ostia - Italie
    Exceptionnelle réalisation combinant plusieurs solutions BARRISOL® : BARRISOL® 3D® - BARRISOL® 3D® Lumière® et BARRISOL® Lumière® Color® pour ce hall d’accueil de cinéma. Architecte : Maria Guarrera

  • Brisbane City Hall - Australie
    Dôme de la mairie de Brisbane réalisé avec 1500 m2 de BARRISOL® Lumière Acoustic® + Color®. Architecte : Tanner croquettes Denton et GHD (TannerGHD) Concept: HBO + EMTB, Tonkin Zouleïkhâ Greer et TannerGHD

  • Place Québec - Canada
    Architecte : atelier 21
    Bandeaux lumineux BARRISOL® Lumière intégrés à des plafonds en BARRISOL® reflets laqués®


Nouvelles gammes

  • Le Beton acoustic® : BARRISOL® a développé une nouvelle finition EFFET BETON® qui permet le rendu du béton tout en gardant la légèreté d’une toile BARRISOL®. Allié au système exclusif de micro-perforations BARRISOL® Acoustics® A15. EFFET BETON® améliore aussi le confort acoustique de tous les espaces privés ou publics. EFFET BETON® permet la réalisation de n’importe quelle forme.



  • «Après les J.O. de Londres, BARRISOL® aux J.O. de Sochi 2014»
    Le 7 février dernier, durant les Jeux Olympiques d’hiver à Sochi, des milliards de téléspectateurs ont assisté à la cérémonie d’ouverture des XXIIe Jeux Olympiques et ont ainsi pu admirer l’île BARRISOL®. BARRISOL® a réalisé cet îlot à l’aide des technologies BARRISOL® Layers. Résultat du partenariat mondial de BARRISOL® (Canada, France, Pologne, Russie)

  • "BARRISOL®, on top of the world '
    " (...) we therefore climb by step, sometimes lulling us up (...) constantly reminding me that we must go and plant the flag, or rather the most BARRISOL® Ceiling top of the world ... "such were the words of Sébastien Rentz who with his two cronies have managed the feat of climbing the highest peak of the world ... Kilimanjaro!

  • "BARRISOL® scrolls Dior in Versailles"
    CASTLE OF VERSAILLES FRENCH JEWELS OF ASSETS, see the roofs of the Dufour Pavilion, be restored until March 2015. To hide this operation and to the Château its magnificence, a canvas is laid for July 31, 2014. the composition trompe l'oeil printed on canvas, is the brainchild of artist Pierre Delavie. It depicts characters donning historical and contemporary models of Dior. BARRISOL® will be delighted, for the second consecutive year sponsor of Versailles, for transactions of this magnitude.

  • "Together"
    With close solidarity values of his, BARRISOL® continues its partnership with the issue TOGETHER, the magazine presented by Marc-Emmanuelle and aired every Saturday at 17:50 on TF1. BARRISOL® is proud to contribute to an action to a family in need or to help people realize their projects.

  • BARRISOL® & Ross Lovegrove
    BARRISOL® is proud to announce its collaboration with Ross Lovegrove, design specialist forms organiques.Ces special organic forms were realized with BARRISOL® products through the encounter between a material with unique properties, exceptional mastery and experience from over 50 years of BARRISOL® teams. The meeting between the universe of Ross Lovegrove and BARRISOL® made possible the creation of a new world of solutions and design for lighting and mirror.

  • BARRISOL® partner of the 25th Congress of the International Union of Architects in Durban

    BARRISOL® is partner of this event by supporting leading international professionals in architecture and construction, to develop and discuss a common theme, to improve the living spaces of tomorrow.

    The theme of the year  : "Architecture OTHERWHERE" fits perfectly with the approach of BARRISOL®: always provide new product design, quality, in full agreement with the safety and environmental standards, essential elements for society . 
    BARRISOL® also participated in the realization of the "Cluster Lumière" booth, group of companies that develop innovative lighting solutions, in the French flag. - 
    The concept of "Folded Earth" stand, creation of two students of the ENSA Strasbourg, Géraldine Bouchet and Arthur Laurain, allowed BARRISOL® demonstrate its expertise.


  • Light Festival 2014
    With 15x5m size this artwork called  "Intrepid"  is one of the greatest pieces presented at the 3rd edition of the Festival of Lights in Amsterdam. 
    It was designed using BARRISOL® materials nottamenet BARRISOL® 3D shapes and BARRISOL® Light. This embodiment is located on the water between the "Public Libary" and the "National Maritime Museum". 
    It refers to the illustrious history of the Dutch East Indies in Amsterdam or wooden merchant vessels acostait there once. Folded form of origami, 60 times the size of a paper version, "Intrepid" also reminds us of an icon of our childhood. 
    The festival was opened on November 27 by the Mayor of Amsterdam, and will continue until January 18, 2015.



The acoustic lighting system wins gold decibel 2014 class construction materials and systems

Golden Decibel 2014one of the latest innovations offered by BARRISOL® rewarded by the noise of the National Council. 
The acoustic micro-perforated canvas is transparent to light a non-perforated canvas and highlights points of light. How then distribute evenly the light? the light system acoustic innovation is to use two webs, one perforated and the other not, and two insulating air layers of different thicknesses. 
This combination keeps a very high transmission rate of light and offer a very good sound absorption coefficient.




  • Brochure + Leaflet Editions BARRISOL® Museum of Fabric Printing Volume 2: 
    Release of Volume 2 of the MISE and 2 pamphlets that enrich our collection and offer a source of inspiration ever larger museums where the works are invited in today's interiors, becoming more current than ever.

  • Light leaflet Acoustic®
    prevent the spread of interior noise is possible with the acoustic absorption. Today BARRISOL® offers this possibility through its innovative solutions to discover in this new leaflet.

  • Leaflet Réunion des Musées Nationaux RMN
    Thanks to the partnership BARRISOL® with the Réunion des Musées Nationaux (RMN), nearly 750 000 art works preserved in national and regional museums French, like the Louvre or Orsay, are available to editing your most lavish sets.



new finishes

  • The Creadesign ®  : After the creation last year of  the East BCO , Barrisol® presents this year, Creadesign  Floral BCD
  • Effect Materials ®  : New effects complement the existing range of effects Matières® today offering 12 references allowing a wide choice of finishes to offer our customers.
    • BEM 11  White flowers
    • BEM 12  pulses
    • BEM 13  Flower White
    • BEM 15  Bamboo Tibet
    • BEM 15  Bamboo White
    • BEM 16  Concrete
  • Lacquered reflection ®  : Fancy a ceiling color natural? The Barrisol® Reflections Laqués® is enriched by the new reference  Green Aralia ®  and Violet Laelia ®  balancing shades of green already available.
  • Range Mirror ®  : Three new finishes,  "Copper moiré", "Black", "Tin moiré"  complete the list of already available finishes in the Mirror range ®  ! Available in the form of self-supporting modular frames, shaped round, triangle, rectangle and square ...


new profiles

A series of new Barrisol® profiles was developed and complements existing mounting systems. Improved models or development of novel profiles for new applications, these profiles will be essential to support all the achievements, even the most technical.

  • BMS 340-10  : Profile for ceiling lighting. Double snap, Ministar downstairs Star Ministar or above.
  • BMS 340-24  : lift profile and settles.
  • BMS 340/15  : angle separator
  • BMS 365-35A  : light framework for profile, low and high engagement Ministar (double engagement for the above). Slot hanger and ability to integrate LEDs. Rounded frame.
  • BMS 365-35B  : Same as the BMS 365-35A profile. The shape of the frame is different.
  • B 321  : Smooth / ledge to make shapes.

Barrisol® profiles are available in several colors to match for all types of ceilings.

Exceptional projects

  • Cineland Lido di Ostia - Italy  : Outstanding achievement combining several solutions Barrisol ®  : Barrisol® 3D ®  - Barrisol ®  3D ®  Light ®  and Barrisol ®  Light ®  Color ®  for this movie lobby.
  • Brisbane City Hall - Australia  : Dome of the municipality of Brisbane made with 1500 m2 of Barrisol ®  Acoustic Light ®  + Color ®  Architect: Denton Tanner Kibble & GHD (GHD Tanner). Concept: HBO + MTBE, Tonkin Zuleika Greer and TannerGHD.
  • Quebec Place  : Lighting Strips Barrisol ®  Light installed on ceilings Barrisol ®  lacquered sheen. Architect: 21 workshop.
  • National Museum of China  : The National Museum of China is one of the largest museums in the world (65,000 m²). It covers the history of Chinese territory from prehistory, there are 1.7 million years, until the end of the old regime, in the Qing Dynasty.
  • Stedelijk museum in Amsterdam - Netherlands  : The modern and contemporary art museum in Amsterdam has a collection of over 90,000 works of art of the 20th and 21st century. In September 2012, the new extension of 9423 m² was inaugurated, after 8 years of work.
  • Erasmus Medical Center - Netherlands  : Attached to the hospital and the Medical Faculty of Rotterdam, the Erasmus Medical Center is an internationally recognized center of excellence.


new ranges

  • The acoustic Beton ®  : BARRISOL® has developed a new finish  EFFECT CONCRETE ®  that allows the rendering of concrete while maintaining the lightness of a BARRISOL ® . Ally micro-perforations exclusive system  'Acoustics ® A15 . CONCRETE IMPACT ®  also improves acoustic comfort of all private or public spaces. EFFECT CONCRETE ® allows the realization of any shape.
  • Artolis (The new clip system) to your walls ®  : The range of technical textiles has expanded and offers a range of solutions for walls. Stretch walls, digital prints, acoustic or translucent, they arise at room temperature. This new art canvas and smooth (profile) becomes artolis ®  and allow you to beautify the walls in addition to your ceilings.
  • Acoustic light ®  : Avoid the propagation of noise indoors is possible thanks to the sound absorption. Today Barrisol ®  offers this opportunity through its innovative solutions: BARRISOL ®  LIGHT ACOUSTIC ® . These paintings allow appropriate solutions to the specific needs of each piece, combining technical and aesthetic while retaining the light.
  • Acoustic Mirror ®  : In addition to its aesthetic solution BARRISOL ®  offers you the opportunity to make its range MIRROR ® , a technical solution: BARRISOL ®  MIRROR ACOUSTIC ® . This innovation allows to offer your customers solutions tailored to the specific needs of each piece, combining the rendering of a mirror and acoustic performance.



  • The website dedicated to wall textiles  : artolis ®  by BARRISOL ®  wall textile range is online in 7 languages! All information on the new range of textile techniques artolis ®  are available on . You will find data sheets, acoustic characteristics and a photo gallery. This new appointment decor is an invitation to remake its interior. The artolis® scenery combine wonderfully with BARRISOL ceilings ® .
  • Application Barrisol Color (Android Version)  : After its release on iPhone, the first ceiling application tense Barrisol® is now also available on Android. Visualize a few clicks a selection of photos, 360 ° tours, videos ... of our achievements in private homes or in prestigious places.
  • Editions Barrisol  : We are pleased to introduce our brand new site dedicated to Barrisol Editions ® "" . For printing ceiling and wall frescoes, this new online library lets you choose from a wide range of topics image or photographs that will dress the interiors of your customers dramatically. Responsive design using the technology, the new site is available both on computer, tablet, Smartphone.


  • "Help, my house collapses"  : Barrisol ®  has brought matters to rehabilitation project of a private residence, about the new show "Help, my house collapsed" on the French channel M6 television.
  • "Together"  : As part of the program "Together" March 23 on TF1, BARRISOL ®  contributes to the generosity of the benefit Sarthe family to renovate their homes. BARRISOL ®  contributes to the supply and installation of 110 m 2  of Matte White fabric.


  • BARRISOL ®  : 1ST CEILING label ORIGIN FRANCE WARRANTY  : Awarded by the Association Pro France, the label Origine France Garantie means the product range BARRISOL ®  as the first stretch ceilings produced entirely in France. Established in 1967 and located in Alsace, BARRISOL ®  NORMALU employs more than 130 people on its historic site of Kembs. Operating in more than 150 countries through a network of 1,200 distributors, BARRISOL ® is the world leader in stretch ceilings, Club member a global export numbers, and recognized by many awards. For more information, see news BARRISOL ®  on site.
  • TROPHY Batimat 2013  : November 6, 2013 in Paris, BARRISOL ®  strengthens once again its position as world No. 1 by getting the gold medal in the competition of 2013 Batimat Innovation category Landscaping Zoom In & Out. Innovative and visionary,  "Frames and Tubes 3D shape ® "  is the solution that opens the range of possibilities in terms of 3D architecture. The shapes and volumes achieved can be backlit and receive acoustic fabrics allowing great architectural spaces combine cutting-edge design and optimal acoustics.


  • Barrisol ®  Mirror  : Exclusive application of research and development Barrisol ® , the new range of ceilings Barrisol ®  Mirror complements the world of stretch ceilings Barrisol ® ...
  • Editions Barrisol ®  : The BARRISOL® Editions present their first collection dedicated to the Museum of Printed Fabrics of Mulhouse. This exclusive partnership opens the doors of imagination and access to a multitude of possible decorations. Toiles de Jouy, Japanese-inspired motifs, baroque or classic decor ... The impression of these patterns on the canvas allows to revive the sumptuous creations of the past combined with the current trends.


Certifications and Patents

  • 10 new patents
  • A+ label : All our products are labelled A+. The Barrisol ceilings have been tested A+ (the highest score), in accordance to the French laws on the “emission level of volatile organic compound” and on the quality of the indoor-air. The Barrisol sheets are produced with plasticisers phthalate-free and are guaranteed to be without cadmium, mercury, or arsenic. No emission of VCM (vinyl chloride monomer) has been detected during the warming of the sheet, the installation of the ceiling or after installation.

New finishes

  • Acoustic : Nanoperf® A15: This new micro-perforation offers excellent acoustic results, ideal to guarantee an optimal sound comfort in spaces open to the public but also for the residential places.
  • Effets Matière: BEM 10 Fleurs Noires, strewn with floral reasons which seem painted with the Indian ink. BEM 11 Fleurs Blanches and BEM 12 Impulsions: 2 new exclusive references, moderns and elegant. BEM 036 Cuir Havane, BEM 15 Bambou Blanc.
  • Effets Lumière: BEL06 Solaris new glossy white translucent Barrisol sheet: it keeps the glossy effect even when it’s back lit; BEL07 Nuages, exclusive sheet with 3D effect: lacquered blue sky with clouds!
  • Lacquered: 02088 Violet Gilia
  • Satin: 07097 Noir Blake, 07096 Rouge Aruba
  • Mat: 01060 Blanc Douceur
    11 new colours and finishes.

New lines

  • New line Mirror: two finishes, Gold and Silver! These new sheets are specifically designed to be fixed on self-standing frames. They can be made in many shapes: circles, triangle, squares, rectangles…

New tracks

  • Ministar : new tracks BMS345/06 and BMS 345/20 specially designed for the creation of 3D frames and structures.

Exceptional project

  • Enzo Ferrari museum, Italy: 3000 m² of Barrisol ceiling has been installed in this exceptional place, designed by Jan Kaplicky (Future Systems) and Andrea Morgante (Shiro Studio).
  • Aquatic Centre of London, England: Fabrication and installation of a 600 m² stretch ceiling, acoustical and luminous, innovative and ecological, in the swimming pool of the Olympic games of London. Designed by Zaha Hadid.
  • Prem house, Singapore: an exceptional residential place, a very nice realisation by ETHOspace PTE LTD.
  • Pyramid, Poland: Printed pyramid in a spa-swimming pool, by Pani Aleksandra Lepka.
  • Overseas Bank, Singapore: Lobby and lounge, in a pure organic style by ETHOspace PTE LTD.
  • Edificio Beethoven, Spain: a lobby made with lighting frames, by Arq René.
  • Bugatti Showroom, Germany: A huge back lit ceiling displays the very famous Bugatti Veyron, designed by Henn Architekten.
  • Volkswagen Pavilion, Wolfsburg, Germany: Created by the architects of «Plex Group », this creation is designed as a multimedia structure.
  • Hyundai Showroom, Brazil: a superb ceiling made with lighting modular frames, in this Hyundai car dealer, by Priscila Sperandio.
  • Casino of Valencia, Spain: the casino of Valencia in Spain was seen magnified of suspended modular frames, by Nacho Moscardo.
  • La Poste, Italy: a nice example of Blanc Vénus Translucide® membrane, sublimated by the light, by CMS – Ing. Giorgio Massa
  • Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport, France: Modular opening frames, designed in a petal-shape, are made with 110 m² of Barrisol Translucent ceiling, by Unanime.
  • Wroclaw railway station, Poland: The railway station has been renovated with 1600 m² of translucent luminous stretch ceiling (Barrisol Lumière®), by Groupe 5.


  • Barrisol Colour simulator for iPhone / iPad: This new app « Colour simulator » allows you to preview your Barrisol® stretched ceiling project on a picture of your choice. This totally new app is a colour vision tool which simulates colours and finishes to create the perfect ambience.
  • a new homepage for the website, more convenient and faster.
  • Private and residential website : Barrisol launched a new website dedicated to private and residential public. Discover photos of Barrisol solutions for each place of the house, the advantages of Barrisol products, and the last news of Barrisol.


  • Barrisol® tigers at the CCI of Mulhouse:The Chamber of commerce and industry of Mulhouse, putting regularly at the honour of the companies of the south of Alsace within the framework of the operation “Made in Sud Alsace”, tiger BARRISOL® chose to underline the know-how and the competitiveness of group BARRISOL® NORMALU® SAS.
  • The museum of printed textile and Barrisol create an exhibit of Jean-Charles de Castelbajac : Jean-Charles de Castelbajac designed a new creation to mark the occasion. This pattern is printed on a Barrisol-modular structure, suspended over an area dedicated to his creations. This exhibit is the starting point of a new partnership between the museum (MISE) and Barrisol. Barrisol has now access to the important collection of patterns and printed textile of the museum.
  • Barrisol® partner of designers Teatum & Jones: Barrisol® equipped the podium dedicated to the parade of young mode creators Teatum & Jones with the foil "Laqué Blanc".
  • Lasvit LiquidKristal with Ross Lovegrove: Ross Lovegrove, presented his new creation, a concept of architectural surface glass high-tech for Lasvit, Liquidkristal, at the last Milan Triennale. On the ceiling of the original structure, we can find organic and colorful animated images. An animation with LEDs is retro projected onto a Barrisol designed as a giant screen!
  • Nuits Blanches 2012, Paris: Barrisol® contributes to the creation of a giant projector: « Projecto Box ».
  • Luminaire Ross Lovegrove with Barrisol®: Barrisol took part in the launch of a new luminaire designed by Ross Lovegrove for Louis Poulsen, showing the exciting layer effect concept!
  • Exhibition « un festin d’etoffes » , in partnership with Prada and Barrisol, at the Museum of printed textile
  • Mariko Mori "Rebirth" exhibition at the Royal academy of art of London: As part of a unique partnership, Barrisol® has provided the artist Blanc Wight® sheets to carry out her work called "White Hole".


  • Barrisol® among the 120 SME international-export champions, in 2012! Ranked 110th, the Barrisol® group is doing well on international markets, and benefit from the dynamism of many markets like UK, Germany, Brazil…
  • Barrisol received in Bercy: Before the Olympic Games of London, Nicole Bricq, Minister of Foreign Trade, Arnaud Montebourg, Minister for the recovery productive and Fleur Pellerin, Minister Delegate in charge of SMEs, Innovation and the Digital Economy, received, in the Hotel of the ministers at Bercy, French companies involved in this great sporting adventure.


  • Radio campaign: Barrisol® sponsor of "Les Grosses Têtes" air show on RTL radio. The campaign started the 3rd of September, finished the 28th September, with a 2 spots per day, at 4pm and 6pm.


  • Accessories catalogue: The full range of profiles, systems and accessories from Barrisol.
  • Leaflet Safety, Quality & Health : Barrisol puts the safety and quality in the hearts of its activity, conforming to effective legislations.
  • Leaflet Dental Clinic: This leaflet present all the advantages of Barrisol® Lumière® and Lumière Colour® solutions.
  • Leaflet Acoustics® & Design: A complete presentation of the Barrisol Acoustics stretch ceilings, and their advantages, with the new NANOPERF A15 perforation.

2011 : an exceptional year

Certifications and Patents

  • 9 new patents

New Finishes

  • Translucent : new colour Blanc Calisto 04014 : all the qualities of Mercure 04015, in white
  • Brushed suede : Blanc Eden 05010 : new colour (snow white).

New Lines

  • Ministar :  We have New spatulas to aid the  perfect installation
  • Ministar harpoon in 2 new finishes (black, and white) .
  • Barrisol Acoustics® now available as 2m widths
  • Les Effets Lumière® : In 5 exclusive finishes, for original lighting effects
  • Barrispots : new line of Barrisol spots, with LED. Click here to see the line of the Barrisol spots
  • Print Your Mind : We have expanded our collection, now  with over 5000 new images for printing ceiling and wall covers. Click here to see the collection..

Barrisol awarded for the Batimat Design Awards 2011 !!

4 Barrisol Innovations were specially highlighted in the Innovation Area of the Fair :

  • Barrisol by Vallon® the original totally customizable chair! See the chair
  • Layers Concept®  Create new visual depth with our unique layering effect! See Layer Concept
  • The Effets matière® amazing ‘Trompe-l’œil’ finishes! See Effets Matieres
  • The PLUS® lamp, totally customizable lighting! See Plus Lamp

New Processes

  • 3D Bending :  our new 3d bending process allows us to create amazing original shapes and sizes.  The  ‘Heart’ specially created  for the Batimat 2011’ show is a typical example of what we can do with this new exclusive process. 

Exceptional Projects in 2011

  • "Khazret Sultan" mosque – Kazakhstan
  • Showroom Volkswagen, Germany
  • University of Wollongong, Australia
  • Casino of Valencia, Spain
  • Finnair Lounge & spa, Finland 
  • Shopping mall of Catania, Italy
  • University of Le Mans, France
  • United Bank, Singapore
  • MUDE – Museum of design, Lisbonne, Portugal
  • Museum of Sciences, Lisbonne, Portugal
  • Copernica museum, Poland
  • Bugatti, Germany


  • Barrisol  iPhone / iPad app : Discover with just  one click a series of photos, 360°tours and videos of our work in both private and commerical locations.. See more


2010 : always more choice

Certifications and patents

  • CE Certification : Barrisol is the only one on the market to offer more than 230 colours and finishes CE certified and fire rated BS2-d0 and BS3-d0.
  • 2m wide lacquered ceiling rated BS2-d0 and CE certified.
  • 11 new patents.

New finishes

  • Creadesign® : 3 new patterns available on Blanc Mat 01010 sheet and 3 new patterns available on Blanc Venus sheet (Spirale, Dot et Zebra). 
  • Reflets Lacqués® : 5 new Barrisol lacquered references : blanc orchidée, jaune cytise, terracota ixia, vert lindera, violet aubergine
  • Les Recyclés : 3 new colours : vert (green), rose (pink), bleu (blue).
  • Acoustics® : new perforation - P85 Xyloperf.

New lines

  • les Effets Matière, Barrisol offered you its brand new line of finishes : the Effets Matière, 8 exclusive original finishes, including 3 Collection OR references ! : Ronce de Noyer, Métal Iridescent, Métal Cercles Brossé, Or Iridescent, Feuille d'Or, Or Brossé, Lys Cuivré, Métal Brossé.
  • Ministar : 2 tracks and 1 separator, and a hollow joint of 5mm. 4 new spatulas especially created to ensure an optimal installation of the Ministar® line.
  • Barrispot®: The complete set includes, the spot light and associated elements, available in 8 finishes.
  • The lacquered in 2m width : Barrisol is the first to create lacquered sheets in 2m width :
    • 9 lacquered sheets : blanc orchidée, blanc lys, noir tulipe, brun Roseaux, bleu Gentiane,
    • 4 acoustic sheets A10, A20, A30 et A40 in 2m,
    • 1 translucent sheet: Nereide
  • ClipSistem® line
  • New hollow joints line.
  • First prototype of Barrisol armchair (made by Vallon)

Worldwide presence - New countries have join our Barrisol partnership in 2010

  • Kosovo
  • Serbia
  • Albania
  • Montenegro
  • Trinidad and Tobago
  • Curaçao

Exceptional project - 2010 was again a year full of prestigious projects for Barrisol.

  • Origami Tigers - Sydney : Inspired by the ancient art of Origami, and designed with avant-garde technologies, they symbolize the union of East and West, of tradition and innovation. At first installed by the Custom House in Sydney, since 2010 they crisscross the globe as part of the WWF campain « 2010 Year of theTiger» to increase public awareness of the disappearance of tigers (less than 3200 tigers left on the planet) 
  • MaXXI museum Rome : An exceptionnal area created by Zaha Hadid, back lit Barrisol® Lumière® sheets.
  • Oasis of the Seas : The Royal Caribbean Company, inaugurated the Oasis of the Seas, the biggest and the most luxurious ship of the world which can welcome 7400 passengers.
  • Carrasco airport – Uruguay : 16000 m² of Barrisol ceiling, in the most modern airport of South America, designed by the architecte Rafael Vinoly. 
  • Sun Plaza shopping mall - Romania : More than 10 000 m² Barrisol Acoustics® sheets were installed in the Sun Plaza Shopping Center.
  • Victoria shopping mall - Poland : This exceptional Barrisol huge spiral structure surprises the visitors of this new Victoria shopping center !

Alsace Innovation Prize 2010 for Barrisol Effets Matiere®.


To install your stretch ceiling : we help in the search for a stretch ceiling approved Barrisol installer nearest you. Barrisol approved installers have received specialized training at Barrisol, pledge of excellence and quality of work.

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