From 1970 to 1979

1975 : Creation of the Barrisol brand

First patent registration of stretch ceiling and creation of the Barrisol brand.
Launch of the first stretch ceiling that can be removed and reinstalled thanks to a visible PVC tracks system.
Commercialization of the Barrisol white matte's sheet, classified M1. Then the commercialization of the Barrisol brushed suede sheets in green, beige and brown.

Silver Award for innovation – Batimat – France.


1976 : Development of the company

Change of statutes and increase of capital. By now we talk about Normalu S.A.
Commercialization of the first perforated sheet in white color.
Marketing of a PVC disc of reinforcement for the Barrisol sheet, following its creation one year before.


From 1977 to 1979 : New systems, new sheets…

Creation of a cornice track
Creation of a Barrisol separator and its accessories to divide big surfaces
Commercialization of matte sheet in the following colors: beige, black, brown and ivory.

First sheet with a white lacquer finish.

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