From 2000 to 2009

From 2000 to 2001: translucent and acoustic sheet

Introduction of Barrisol in Moldavia and in Kirghizistan
First stretch ceiling with microperforations to optimize the acoustic
Launching of the Microacoustics® line: more competitive thanks to an increased number of perforation.
First translucent sheet
First track specific for clean room

Excellence award - Canada (1999)
Innovation and quality award – Poland (2000)
Innovation and technology prize- Germany (2000)
Design prize – Arch – Czech Republic (2001)
Gold Award - Construct Expo – Romania (2001)
Innovation prize Barrisol Lumière - Meble Wnertze – Poland (2001)


2002 : New tracks and systems

Creation of new tracks:

  • Double track for outgoing angle
  • Track for rail for support rail table
  • Track  for painter and tapestry maker
  • Track  for withdrawn flagstones
  • Double track  for suspending  technical elements

Creation of new profile:

  • Wall profile  in double skin stretch ceiling
  • Doubles skin profile for dismountable suspended case
  • Double track profile for Microacoustic system double sheet or luminous ceiling

Other developments

  • Creation of a system of trap door with access by magnetization
  • First ceiling with zipper
  • First ceiling with Cabloform (system of tended cable) + column

Construction exellence Award – USA
Innovation Prize - AIT- Dusseldorf Germany (2002)
Innovation Prize - AIT- Francfort Germany (2002)


2003- 2004: More and more choices of sheets, colors, systems…

First translucent sheet with 2,4 meter wide
New acoustic sheets with different perforation rate :  Microperf®, Microacoustics®, Miniperf®
Commercialization of new colors for the brushed suede line, total of 22 colors
Creation of a profile to combine Barrisol ceiling and Barridalles
Separator for Barridalles
Separator with 6 mm gap joint

Certificate of Excellence - sidim – canada (2003)
Belgian building award communication - batibouw – belgium (2004)


2005 -2006: Innovation system

Light Boxes Easy Acess with mechanical or electrical access system to help address maintenance concerns such as cleaning and light bulb/tube replacement.

Barrisol Trempovision® :
Openwork sheet for both interior and outside with a system of lacing: 3,15 m of width (without welding and except lacing)
Creation of a new Barrisol TrempoVision track
Commercialization of a new line of sheeting: TrempoDesign® . It  can be used inside or outside, it is acoustic and printable.

Commercialization of a new mini harpoon for 3D forms.


2007 : acoustic and environmental innovations

Launching of 4 new perforations: Lunaperf®, Terraperf®, Omégaperf® et Solaperf®. 
Commercialization of Acoperf®, acoustic sheet with very high performance. Acoperf® is a product form the Acoustics® line.

Launching of the recycled sheets: Les Recyclés®. These sheets are manufactured with old Barrisol sheet
Available colors: beige, white, grey and black.

Barrisol Lumière obtained the Prize for the product of the year - For Arch 2007- Czech Republic


2008 : New launches, more and more creative…

Barrisol B-skin®  furniture's
Barrisol Creadesign®,  a translucent sheet with patterns in relief that bring a visio-tactile perception to the sheet. 
Barrisol Xtrêmes® , sheets with important wide
Barrisol VisioPerf®, double sheet perforated
Sedna, Plutonia et Equinox…new translucent sheets
Ministar, new track with 3 mm gap joint

Gold Award for Barrisol Acoustics - Stroisib 2008 – Russia
Innovation prize for Barrisol Les Recycles® - Batiweb Award 2008 – France
Innovation award – INPI Trophee Alsace – France (2008)


2009 : Always more innovations...

Certifications and patents
The 1st Creadesign® membrane was certified "CE" and Bs2-d0.
The 1st printed sheets with clear colors were certified "CE" and Bs2-d0 for, and Bs3-d0 for printed sheets with dark colors. 
European fire classification (Bs2-d0 for the various Barrisol lines of membranes and Bs3-d0 for brushed suede membranes)
10 new patents have been registered.

New tracks
New Ministar® track with a 5 mm hollow join instead of 8 mm
New multi-tensions plate fixation
New tri-directionnal tube.
New double engaging tube
New frame with invisible edge.

New products
Barrisol Perfodesign® allows perforating patterns and logos of your choice on Barrisol® membranes (according to technical possibilities).
Launching of the printed King® lamp (of the B-Skin® line).

New patterns
New "Zebra 2" pattern for Creadesign® line of sheeting

New colors
More than 20 new colors of which:
Lacquered finish: Prune Violette, Vert Olive, Beige Obione, Bleu Dauphinelle, Rouge Grenat,Gris Tamaris,Orange Datura,Taupe Asaret
Satin finish : Prune Kiji, Vert Kourou.
Brushed suede finish : Bleu Tendance, Bleu Fashion.
X-trême®’s line: Blanc Extramat
Translucent line : Aurore Boréale.
Creadesign® line : New patterns : black "zen" on white mat membrane, black "zen" on Sedna membrane, black "zen" on Gris Celebes finish, Pink "zen" on white mat membrane, black "zebra" on white mat membrane, black "zebra" on Sedna membrane.

YAPI's exhibition Prize for Barrisol Stand – Istanbul 2009- Turkey

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