Albert Einstein Center - Brazil

The Albert Einstein Centre in Brazil is a remarkable example of modern, functional architecture. Designed by Safdie Architects, the 45,000m2 building, with three underground floors and five upper levels, is a centre for education and research that pays tribute to the famous scientist.

The Albert Einstein Centre is designed to encourage collaboration and the exchange of ideas. It houses state-of-the-art research laboratories, conference rooms and learning spaces. The main aim is to promote education and scientific research in fields such as medicine, physics and the life sciences.

The centre's interior spaces are bright and open, fostering an atmosphere conducive to creativity and innovation. The large windows offer uninterrupted views of the surrounding area, creating a connection with the natural environment.

The acoustics of the atrium were a major concern, as it is surrounded by open rooms and communal areas. The Barrisol Microsorber® solution (aw up to 1.0), a heat and UV resistant ETFE, was chosen and blends in perfectly with the existing glass roof. Its microperforations reduce the effect of sound reverberation, to meet the need for calm and concentration that is necessary in the centre. Microsorber® fabrics have also been printed with a dot pattern (which are denser and more opaque in sunnier areas), ensuring uniform thermal comfort by gently filtering sunlight. The Microsorber® solution is 100% recyclable and extremely durable over time (more than 30 years).

The Centre embodies the vision of the celebrated scientist and provides an environment conducive to education and scientific research. Barrisol® is very proud to have been chosen to take part in this architectural jewel which contributes to the promotion of science and innovation in Brazil and throughout the world.

Photo credits: Pedro KOK

Architect : Safdie Architects

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