Barrisol® Castiglioni - Details



The new lamp developed by Barrisol® is inspired by the X Triennale industrial design exhibition wich took place in Milan in 1954.
60 years ago, my oncles Achille and Piergiacomo in collaboration with the architects Roberto Menghi, Marcello Nizzoli, Roberto Rosselli and Augusto Morello (curator), Michele Provinciali (graphist), Lorenzo Pepe (sculptor) and Mario Reggiani (pinter), created this exhibition’s laying out.

1954 was a very important year for Architecture and Industrial Design with the first International Congress organized.

The specific lighting system created for this exhibition including the creation of huge canvas bells was my source of inspiration for the design of this new Barrisol® lamp, as a tribute to the Castiglioni brothers but not only...

They were used at this time to create a huge «lighted ceiling», to diffuse light without apparent shadow.

This caracteristic is now possible thanks to the Barrisol® system which combines the technicity of a special metallic circle (available in 4 dimensions 80-120-160 or 200 cm) and high qualities of the Barrisol® Venus white membrane offering a perfect light diffusion with more than 0,5 light transmission coefficient.

This new material replaces perfectly the original «coquille d’oeuf» color sheet, thanks to the integration of new generation LED. 1954 lamps offer an excellent light transmission and a perfect color rendering guaranteeing a remarkable economy of energy.

The 1954 lamp can be installed in all interior spaces thanks to the 4 dimensions available.




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