New leaflet : Barrisol PIADNO® by André Manoukian

When Jean-Marc Scherrer proposed this experiment, to design a lamp in relation to music, I thought of a keyboard taking the shape of the living, which rises in the light wound on the double helix of the DNA: the PIADNO. I thank Jean-Marc for his inspiration and trust.


Music represents the order of the world. It extracts harmony from nature. It gives meaning to our lives and soothes us. It is a language that means nothing and yet it instantly provokes emotions in us. It draws paths in our heads, just listen to a Bach fugue. When we walk at night, we sing to give ourselves courage.

Music is like the pebbles in Tom Thumb’s book: notes sown, one after the other, which draw lines, these lines become melodies, these melodies rise, bend, intertwine, form vaults, which support other vaults, to elaborate higher and higher buildings which raise us to contemplate the beauty of the world.

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