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Barrisol® les Effets Matière® : new Gold Collection

Barrisol offers you now 3 new Effets Matieres

  • width 1.45m stretched (1.35m non stretched)
  • fire class BS3-d0
  • CE certified

Discover right now : Or iridescent (BEM 07), Or brossé (BEM 08), Feuille d'or (BEM 09).

Or iridescent (BEM 07)                 Feuille d'or (BEM 08)                 Or brossé (BEM 09)

And also Lys cuivré (BEM 02), and Métal brossé (BEM 05):

Lys cuivré (BEM 02)                 Métal brossé (BEM 05)

Discover the new Barrispot® line !

Barrisol offers you right now its new exclusive spots line.
The complete set includes, the spot light and associated elements : slotted angle, reinforcing ring, and base plate.

8 finishes available :

White (B581/01)

Matt black
Matt black (B581/02)
Matt chrome
Matt chrome (B581/03)

Matt gold
Matt gold (B581/06)

Brilliant chrome
Brilliant chrome (B581/04)

Brilliant gold
Brilliant gold (B581/07)

Brushed chrome
Brushed chrome (B581/05)

Brushed gold
Brushed gold (B581/08)

The complete Ministar® line !

The Barrisol® Ministar® offers right now : :

  • the BMS 340/01 profile for a perfect ceiling fixation and only 5mm width hollow joint !!
  • the BMS 340/011 profile new wall profile offering as its « big sister » an only 5mm hollow joint !!
  • 3 exclusives spatula : BMS 10001, BMS 10002, BMS 10003, especially created to ensure an optimal installation of the Ministar® line.

more colours available in 2m width !

BS2-d0 fre classed and CE certifed!!
more references are now available in 2m width, in our lacquerd line :

  • 02015 beige arum
  • 02014 gris jasmin
  • 02013 beige magnolia
  • 02031 pomme de pin
nouvelles couleurs 2010

New colours in our line The recyclés® 2m width

3 new colour are now enlarging our recycled sheets offer, wich counts now 7 colours available.

  • R05 green
  • R06 pink
  • R07 blue
nouvelles couleurs 2010

New Barrisol® Special Effects line !

Barrisol offers you now, it's brand new line.

  • width1.45m stretched (1.35m non stretched)
  • fire class : BS3-d0
  • CE certifcation available soon

Discover right now : Ronce de Noyer (BEM 01), Métal Iridescent (BEM 04), Métal Cercles Brossé (BEM 06).

Barrisol® Accoustics® in 2m width

Barrisol offers now 2m width high perfomance perforated sheets !
Without extra cutting or adaptation constraint, this new perforation process offers new possibilities to the Barrisol® Acoustics® line.

Barrisol® new infill strips line

Barrisol offers you it's new line of self-adhesive infill strips.
A provided setting in 6 exclusive colours, for a perfect finishing !!

New colors !

The 5 new colors announced in january are now available in the Barrisol® laquered line ! (width : 1.50m).

  • 02027 Jaune Cytise
  • 02028 Terracota Ixia
  • 02068 Vert Lindera
  • 02086 Violet Aubergine
nouvelles couleurs 2010

& the new color available in 2m width !! :
  • 02010 Blanc orchidée

Couleur Blanc orchidée

Revolutionary : Barrisol !

The first offering 2 meters width lacquered sheets !! BS2-d0 fire class and CE certified. To always offer you more, we propose you our lacquered line sheets in 2m width. Colors available now :

  • 02010 blanc orchidée - 2010 new color !!
  • 02011 blanc lys
  • 02041 noir tulipe
  • 02032 brun Roseaux
  • 02072 bleu Gentiane

See also all the colors and finishes.

New ! Barrisol Creadesign® with zebra pattern

The new "Zebre 2" pattern can be flocked on Barrisol® stretched ceilings. Choose the color of your pattern in brushed suede and choose the finish of your Barrisol® sheet to create an original and unique decoration of savanna in your interior!

See more about Barrisol Creadesign® stretched ceilings.

the King® lamps … to embellish and light your living spaces

Created in partnership with the Swiss agency Pilot Design, the King® lamp of B-Skin® furniture line will seduce you for their modularity. With three models of different sizes, the King® lamps can be adapted in any types of spaces, small or big. Foot and lampshade are totally customizable thanks to numerous Barrisol® colors of sheeting and to printed Barrisol® solutions. The digital printing on Barrisol® sheets allows you to reproduce decors, photos and logos of your choice.
See B-Skin® furniture.

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