Renovation of the vault of the church of San Nicolas in Albaicín, Spain

Nearly 25 printed Xtrem® Calisto fabrics were installed to renovate the vault of the church of San Nicolas in Albaicín, Spain.

The Architect Antonio Martin Muñoz and the Painter Jesus Conde Ayala trusted Barrisol Lumière® and Barrisol Print your Mind® solutions for the realization of the printed luminous vault which illuminates the heart of the Church.

All Barrisol® products are classified A+ (VOC) and comply with the strictest European and international standards concerning fire safety, including the inks used for printing. Our Barrisol® products contribute to the respect of the environment. They contain up to 60% of recycled materials and are 100% recyclable. The LEDs are reusable. Acoustic performance of Barrisol® perforations up to aw =1 in conjunction with absorbent and aw=0,65 without absorbent


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