Barrisol X Carrier wins the first NAN 2022 award for air conditioning!

On November 17, 2022, the Civitas Metropolitano stadium hosted the Premios NAN 2022 awards for the best architecture and building materials projects. It was on this occasion that the Barrisol Pure Clim® featuring Carrier® products solution was awarded a Premios NAN 2022 in the Best materials in air conditioning and ventilation category.

Combined with the Barrisol Biosourcée® stretch fabric, the Barrisol Pure Clim® device featuring Carrier® products, in addition to providing heating, cooling and ventilation, allows unparalleled air purification. Indeed, sterilization by UVC radiation makes it possible to rid the air of viruses and bacteria by destroying their DNA structure. Less than 30 minutes of operation of the Barrisol Pure Clim® system featuring Carrier® products is enough to disinfect the indoor air of the room from 99.9% of viruses and bacteria*.

Barrisol Clim® and Pure Clim® featuring Carrier® products have a high-performance design: made of lightweight materials, 100% recyclable and some recycled, they minimize the carbon and energy impact of buildings. They save up to 15% energy in heating and cooling!



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