New colours and finishes

BARRISOL® Acoustics® solution... for speech intelligibility.

The new A15 perforated BARRISOL® Acoustic® ceilings reaches a new quality of acoustic comfort.
Every BARRISOL® Acoustic® solution uses an exclusive system of micro-perforation: Miniperf®, Microacoustic®, Acoperf® et Nanoperf®.
These stretch ceilings offers spectacular sound attenuating results in any type of place, like hotels, restaurants, or shopping malls.
Added technology, quality and design, BARRISOL® Acoustics® can fit any interiors.

A15 Nanoperf®
Number of holes : 500 000 / m²
Diameter of a hole : ≈ 0,1 mm
Perforation rate : ≈ 1 %
Thickness : ≈ 0,18 mm

New finish Effet Matière "Fleurs"

Do you know the ceilings BARRISOL® "Les Effets Matières® ?
It is a range of BARRISOL® sheets with special effects. They can create a customized interior design, on the ceiling or on the wall. This prestigious collection is composed of 6 patterns, and one new finish “Fleurs”. To be discovered.

BEM 10 - Fleurs
200 cm non-stretched width, 214 stretched width,
CE certified,
BS3-d0 fire-rated,
labelled A+

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