Barrisol Light® and Barrisol Les Reflets Laqués® for the artist Gonzalo Guzman

Madrid-based artist Gonzalo Guzmán (Madrid, 1991) is presenting his first solo show, Collision, at Galeria Senda in Barcelona, as part of Art Nou, the Barcelona Emerging Art Festival.Art Nou, the Barcelona Emerging Art Festival, which aims to promote the talent of young artists and, among other things, give them the opportunity to exhibit, as in this case, for the first time in a gallery.

His artistic production is made up of metal pieces in stainless steel that refer to megalithic monuments such as dolmens, which generally appear in his dream world. The creation of sculptures is a form of research to transfer these figures into reality.

The central piece in the exhibition is Collision, a structure that has also been the protagonist of his dreams. This installation is configured by the representation of a three-metre stalactite in stainless steel that levitates between a Barrisol Lumière ceiling and a floor with a black reflective surface made of Barrisol Les Reflets Laqués® canvas.

Created by the company "Instalación de Materiales Acústicos y Decorativos (IMAD)".

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