New leaflet Barrisol Papillon® & Barrisol Oriflamme® by Chantal Thomass

Creating for the House Barrisol, offered to me the pleasure to explore new creative territories, to discover new fields of expression. With the suspension project I was able to express my desire to create luminous sculptures «Bigger than life» and to put the light in volume by patterns which are dear to me. A nice way to enrich «the Chantal Thomass vocabulary»!
Butterfly and Oriflamme, the fruit of this collaboration, are technical and poetic, but also light, protective and airy... and placed in the air, time seems to suspend its flight.


Elegant and refined, the butterfly flies with lightness over the delicate world of Chantal Thomass. As if embroidered with soft words and lace, it adorns interiors with a crazy charm. Chantal Thomass has created a collection of lighting fixtures “Butterfly” for Barrisol®, in partnership with Osram. This butterfly diffuses a soft light for a fairy-tale atmosphere. Dimmable, it makes it possible to obtain the desired lux for any lighting. A giant sculpture, this masterful suspension illuminates the interiors with poetry. In the RGB version, the “Butterfly” luminaire will allow you to benefit from the advantage of colour change (chromotherapy).


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