A Barrisol stretched ceiling is a non flammable sheet in PVC classified B S1-d0, B S2-d0 or B S3-d0 (depending on the finish) in Europe, Class 0 in UK and Class I in the USA which is tightened under the effect of heat on the periphery of the walls thanks to a specific track system (patented).

Thanks to large Barrisol tracks line used for fixing, all types of realization are possible, including the 3D forms and organic shapes.

We invite you to discover the video of a Barrisol stretch ceiling installation.


Length : 3'02 min

This short video shows you how to install a Barrisol stretch ceiling. It was recorded at an international construction exhibition, Batimat.
The video also simulates a water damage (by a man in the ceiling). After the damage, the water is pulled off the ceiling, and the ceiling is stretched again with a specific heater. Then, The ceiling comes back to its initial shape.
It's just amazing!

Technics & System

See the rail systems on the Technics & System website

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