The Barrispots are especially conceived to be adapted in the Barrisol ceiling.

  • They do not transmit heat to the ceiling
  • They do not overheat the plenum
  • They are directional, halogen
  • They have a power of 50 Watts and an intensity of 12 Volts
  • They have a lamp of glass 50 mms in diameter

The transformers of the spots are fixed directly on the existing ceiling or walls.
The Barrispot is received the transformer which can be reached with the hand without taking down the stretch ceiling.


In the plenum, a space of 80 mm is necessary for the installation of the spots and their transformers.

Caution: Take care to never use spots with a power higher than 50 Watts. The spots which transmit to their metallic discs more than 60 °C are incompatible with the Barrisol ceilings, even equipped with insulating discs;

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