Barrisol® and Carrier® combine their expertise to market a range of unique advanced HVAC ceiling solutions that provide unparalleled comfort and air quality

Barrisol, the world leader in stretch ceilings, and Carrier, one of the world leaders in innovative HVAC technologies, are combining their expertise. The two companies are now in a marketing alliance, to commercialize a complete range of ceiling diffusion solutions, coupled with HVAC systems. 

This range, which is part of Barrisol's Advanced Care Solutions and Carrier's Healthy Buildings program, benefits from the combined skills of the two manufacturers to offer systems that provide thermal comfort, unequalled indoor air quality and incredible aesthetics.
Carrier confirmed the exceptional performance of the systems by means of a testing campaign carried out in 2020 at their laboratory in Culoz (France).

To adapt to all configurations, the solutions are available in 3 versions: Barrisol Clim® featuring Carrier® Products, Barrisol Pure Clim® featuring Carrier® Products and Barrisol Cloud Clim® featuring Carrier® Products.

The solution Barrisol Clim® featuring Carrier® Products allows to diffuse heating, air conditioning and ventilation in an invisible, silent and draft-free way with a great temperature homogeneity.
It uses a bio-sourced membrane over the entire surface of the ceiling. This fabric is held in place by a peripheral hanging rail that creates a gap between the ceiling and the walls, allowing the air to flow through. 
The room air is aspirated through the hanging rail along the interior walls. It reaches the air conditioning unit, where it is filtered, heated or cooled and mixed with the fresh ventilated air before being injected into the plenum between the structural slab and the Barrisol Clim® featuring Carrier® products ceiling. The ceiling then becomes a vast diffuser emitting thermal radiation over its entire surface. The treated air passes through the hanging rail to bediffused slowly along the external walls and the cycle continues. The combination of thermal radiation and convective diffusion at the periphery of the room ensures almost imperceptible air velocities and maintains very homogeneous temperatures and air quality within the occupied volume. As a result, the system achieves the highest level of thermal comfort determined by the international standard ISO 7730, namely Class A in heating and cooling*.
This type of diffuser ceiling has been successfully installed in over 100 projects in more than 20 countries, and the system was awarded a Janus de l'Industrie in 2017, 1st place in energy efficiency and 1st place in sustainability at the Solar Decathlon 2018, as well as a MatérialPreis and a special jury prize Innovationpreis 2020 in Germany.

For optimal indoor air quality, the Barrisol Pure Clim® featuring Carrier® products version of the solution allows, in addition to the air conditioning functions, the destruction of pathogens present in the ambient air thanks to the germicidal action of UVC lamps installed into the plenum. Equipped with a finishing membrane as well as a protective membrane that is perfectly impermeable to UVC, the Barrisol Pure Clim® featuring Carrier® products ceiling ensures impeccable aesthetics while guaranteeing the safety of occupants against UVC radiation. Thanks to its innovative technology, the Barrisol system, now called Barrisol Pure Clim® featuring Carrier® products, was selected by the French Presidency and presented last July at the Elysée Palace during the Great Exhibition of Made in France. 

The Barrisol Cloud Clim® featuring Carrier® products solution uses the principle of hybrid thermal diffusion combining radiation and convection in a modular format. 
The system is presented in the form of a panel suspended from the ceiling, true decorative objects.
To ensure a soft and pleasant atmosphere, the Clouds automatically adapt the direction and speed of the air flow according to the air temperature, thus avoiding draughts and ensuring a very good temperature homogeneity.
The system was awarded a Reddot Design Award Best of the Best for its aesthetics in 2021.
In addition to guaranteeing a healthy and comfortable environment, the entire range of Barrisol® and Carrier® HVAC ceiling solutions allow for a multitude of creative options such as printing or the creation of 3D shapes. The systems also ensure an extremely effective acoustic treatment of the space thanks to the use of Barrisol micro-perforated sheets which absorb the reverberation of the sound (αw up to 1.0) as well as optimizing the lighting of the room via the solution of the Barrisol Light range.

From a practical point of view, the Barrisol ceiling can be easily dismantled and reassembled (without destruction of material) to facilitate access to the technical equipment and their maintenance.
Eco-designed, all the solutions are extremely light and 100% recyclable. They are made of up to 80% post-consumer aluminium profiles and bio-sourced fabrics obtaining up to 30% of its material from plant origin. The A+ rated fabrics guarantee the lowest possible emission of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

By combining their skills and know-how, Barrisol and Carrier offer advanced HVAC ceiling solutions with unique performances, from heating and cooling machines to diffusion systems. This understanding of the complete supply chain allows us not only to offer an additional year's guarantee on the entire system but also to guarantee the final performance of the installation in terms of thermal comfort.
All Carrier fan coil units and air handling units are usable with Barrisol Clim®, Pure Clim® and Cloud Clim® featuring Carrier® products solutions, allowing the use of processes over a very wide range of power ratings.

As a reference today, the entrance hall of the Saint Jean clinic in Montpellier (France) was equipped with a Barrisol Clim® ceiling on its 1200m2 surface. The ceiling in acoustic version is installed at 7m height and supplied by 4 Carrier air handling units. 
The emblematic building "Oslo Plads", recently completed in Copenhagen (Denmark) is also equipped with 6338m2 of Barrisol Clim® ceilings coupled with 300 Carrier® 42NH fan coil units; it houses part of the management offices of Maersk, the largest container ship owner in the world. The ceilings provide acoustic treatment of the premises and adopt three-dimensional shapes in the corridors. Measurements carried out in situ by the Danish Institute of Technology confirmed the unique thermal comfort which resulted in the award of an Indoor Climate Danish Class A label and the ISO 7730 Class A standard. 

For more information on Barrisol® and Carrier® HVAC ceiling solutions: 

See the Barrisol Clim® website


Cross-sectional view of the airflow through the Barrisol Clim® solution featuring Carrier® Products
© Barrisol.
Barrisol Pure Clim® featuring Carrier® Products uses ultraviolet lamps (UVC) integrated in the plenum to destroy airborne pathogens
© Barrisol.
The Barrisol Cloud Clim® version featuring Carrier® Products uses modules suspended from the ceiling.
© Barrisol.
Barrisol Clim® featuring Carrier® Products in a recent project, Oslo Plads, in Copenhagen, Denmark 
Architect KHR Arkitekter A/S © Barrisol.
Entrance hall of a medical clinic in Montpellier equipped with a Barrisol Clim® featuring Carrier® Products ceiling with luminous inserts
Architecte KHR Arkitekter A/S © Barrisol.
Image of a canopy printed on a Barrisol ceiling in an auditorium. Design Simon Norris © Barrisol.

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