Barrisol, always at your disposal!

Because communication is essential, our communication service works out and regularly brings up to date a complementary communications tools in order to support you in prospection and promotion activities.

Essential to a relevant commercial approach, these communications tools are divided into several categories.

The majority of these leaflets are available in many languages.

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The direct communication aids

Prospectus give a general public information and are ideal for a large diffusion :
4 general Barrisol pages

Lumière, Acoustic, Hotels restaurants, individuals, swimming pools, religious places, Barricolors , Barricouleur, 

Our advice : documentation to forward within the framework of your actions of prospecting

Technical documentation
The Technical documentation is an edition for restricted diffusion :
Folders "tracks sections”, photo book folder, photo folder, architect folder, Flip Shart

Our advice : documentation to be used within the framework of your opinion-leaders or main businessmen.

Barri compo, Barridalles 600x600, Barridalles 600x1200, Barrimarmotte 500x500, samples suitcase, frame Barritrempo 600x600, manhole door.

Our advice : in accompaniment of the technical editions.

Samples of sheets
Barri cartes, colour sample, set of samples A4, set of samples A5, tracks samples

Our advice : in accompaniment of the technical editions.

direct advertising action : advertising on the place of sale 

Our advice : permanent show on your place of sale and on your partners places,  outlets, integrated on your exhibition stand.

Exhibition stands
Exhibition structures placing at the disposal, creation of stands


Sales  development tools

Consult us for the standard mailings , according to the target and the volume.

Promotion tools

Format 40x60 cm, photo files, posters

Photo stock
Photography library on CD ROM, more than 5000 photographs at your disposal, video CD

Barrisol news, 4 pages of information

Vehicle equipment 
Tubes tracks carrier, surface decoration of the vehicles, personalized interior arrangement

Computer bag, ties, calendars, umbrellas, lighters, pens, caps, tee-shirts.

Software and services

The research department :
Our research department deals with the realization of prototypes, models, etc. It assists you for the development of estimate and advises you on the techniques of installation.

To install your stretch ceiling : we help in the search for a stretch ceiling approved Barrisol installer nearest you. Barrisol approved installers have received specialized training at Barrisol, pledge of excellence and quality of work.

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