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  • The Biosourcée® fabrics contain in their composition a plasticizer of vegetable origin based on cereals.
  • We have been protecting the environment for over 50 years using only 100% recyclable materials.
  • The plasticizer of vegetable origin is used in the composition of Biosourcée® satin fabric up to 30% and up to 10% for the translucent version.
  • We also offer profiles made of more than 80% post-recycled aluminium, making the raw material reuse circuit even more environmentally friendly.
  • The tests guaranteeing air conditioning have been carried out with the biosourced fabric, so it is the ideal product, due to its composition, for Barrisol® Clim®. In addition, Biosourcée® fabrics comply with the ODDY test.



Technical Characteristics



You can send us your Barrisol® fabrics and profiles at the end of their life, we are committed to reusing them, recycling and reducing waste, for the preservation of our environment.


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